When Grand Tutor Kong heard Su Xi-er’s response, he relaxed. “Good, then you should go to the kitchen to have a meal.” After that, he left the place.


Su Xi-er walked out of the book depository after putting the last five books on the top shelf. There were only a few rooms in the Imperial Library: the main hall, the book depositories, the Calligraphy Pavilion, and the Lecture Pavilion, as well as the kitchens and bathrooms, as well as some private rooms in the backyard.


The Imperial Library only had five workers, including the eunuch and the boy assistant. That being the case, there was just one table for the two males and three females, all of whom sat face to face.


Out of all the people there, Su Xi-er only recognised Tan Ge and the eunuch who had brought her here


Just after she entered, she heard the sound of a woman’s laughter ー Chao Mu.


When Chao Mu saw Su Xi-er, her eyes immediately lit up. “Su Xi-er, sit here. I’ve already heard from others that you are beautiful, but seeing you in person makes me think that you’re a goddess that has descended from the heavens.”


The boy assistant who sat opposite her laughed. “So this is the Court Lady Su who just entered the Imperial Library. My name is Shu Xian, the person next to me is the cook, and then there is Xiao Yuanzi.”


Xiao Yuanzi was the eunuch who had brought Su Xi-er here, and was in the middle of setting up the table with bowls and chopsticks.


There were few people in the Imperial Library, but everyone was smiling happily; only Tan Ge’s smile was faint.


Su Xi-er nodded to everyone before taking a filled bowl of rice from the cook and sitting next to Chao Mu.


Chao Mu looked at Tan Ge on her left and Su Xi-er on her right, then broke out into laughter. “Great, there are two beauties by my side!”


Shu Xian smiled gently. “Chao Mu has never laughed so happily before.”


Chao Mu immediately picked up her chopsticks and knocked them against Shu Xian’s head. “You want to die? I am a year older than you, but you dare to call my name directly!”


Shu Xian shrugged. “The Imperial Library’s rank depends on who came here first. I was here before you, so you should be the one who can’t call my name directly.”


Hence, the two started going back and forth; leaving Su Xi-er to watch and smile without saying a word. It was only after the cook sat down that they stopped.


Tan Ge continued to eat with her head down, only looking up and smiling when Chao Mu bumped into her.


“Strange. It seems like I am the only one who likes to talk. Tan Ge, Su Xi-er, isn’t it boring to just smile and not say anything?”


Su Xi-er replied, “After staying in the Palace Side Quarters for so long, I have gotten used to staying quiet.”


Tan Ge looked at Su Xi-er. It’s not easy to live in the palace. One moment of carelessness could cost you your life.


Chao Mu pouted. “You don’t need to be scared at the Imperial Library. Grand Tutor Kong will at most just make you write lines. As for myself, that is the punishment I hate the most, but Shu Xian doesn’t mind since he writes well. I just have him write the lines for me every time.”


The corner of Su Xi-er’s mouth raised and she jested, “Aren’t you scared that I will tell Grand Tutor Kong?”


“Don’t!” Chao Mu looked horrified. “If he finds out, he will punish me and make me write lines again!”


Su Xi-er shook her head with a faint smile. “I’m just scaring you.”


As soon as she had finished speaking, Grand Tutor Kong entered the room and instructed Su Xi-er, “You should take all the old books out of the three book depositories and let them dry out in the sun. We should quickly do it before winter arrives.”


Su Xi-er nodded and ate faster, but Chao Mu started to grumble, “Grand Tutor, there are so many books; Su Xi-er can’t do everything by herself.”


“You can go and help Su Xi-er after you finish sweeping the paths.” Grand Tutor Kong walked away after he finished talking.

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