Su Xi-er took it and looked at the cover. She was stunned for a moment. A Lan Script copybook. Did Nanzhao bookmakers start to make them secretly? But if that was the case, this wouldn’t have spread to Beimin since the soldiers at the borders will check all goods passing by. If that’s the case, that means that this book was printed completely overtly!


Su Xi-er’s breath hitched for a moment. Did Lianchen fight for more power again?


She didn’t know that the cause wasn’t Ning Lianchen seizing more power, but that he had used what influence he did have to reimplement the Ning Rulan’s new policy that had been previously abolished by Yun Ruofeng. With that, Lan Script copybooks could be printed again.


“You know the Lan Script?” Situ Li saw that her expression was strange and asked.


Su Xi-er nodded. “This servant entered the Imperial Library and Grand Tutor Kong…”


Before she could finish her sentence, the door of the room was pushed open. Grand Tutor Kong appeared in his blue official’s robe and bowed towards the Third Imperial Prince. “Third Imperial Prince, this humble servant just heard from the boy assistant that you have arrived. What book are you looking for?”


Situ Li raised his hand and signalled for Grand Tutor Kong to get up before taking the Lan Script copybook from Su Xi-er’s hands. “This Imperial Prince heard that there was a Lan Script copybook in the new arrivals, so I came to get it.”


He has quite a convenient excuse, but who would guess that his true intention would be to come out here specifically to observe me? He simply wants to see how I have been coping well in the imperial palace.


When Grand Tutor Kong heard Situ Li talking about the Lan Script, his gaze immediately went to Su Xi-er. “Third Imperial Prince, if you’re here for a Lan Style copybook, why not have Su Xi-er write a page for you in the Lan Script?”


Situ Li’s voice raised as he looked at Su Xi-er. “Do you mean to say that she knows how to write it?”


Situ Li knew how difficult it was to write in the Lan Script. Only the Lan Script combines delicateness and strength in the same package. However, with the misogynistic nature of the four great nations, it would be difficult for a style that was created by a woman to gain popularity. Only those who disregard that sort of bias would put in a serious effort to study such a difficult style.


Grand Tutor Kong nodded with approval on his face. “She imitates it very well, so much so that this humble official dares to say that there is nobody in Beimin who can write it better.”


“This Imperial Prince has never heard you complimenting someone so heavily, Grand Tutor Kong. Even as this Imperial Prince’s respected tutor, you never said anything like that about me.” Situ Li suddenly jested with a smile.


Grand Tutor Kong immediately replied, “Third Imperial Prince, you must be joking.”


“Since Su Xi-er can write in the Lan Script, and this Imperial Prince is coincidentally interested in it, I will borrow her for a few days. This Imperial Prince will stay in the palace for these few days.”


Grand Tutor Kong was put in a difficult spot. Su Xi-er was recommended by Prince Hao. Should I report to Prince Hao and tell him that the Third Imperial Prince wants to learn the Lan Script from Su Xi-er?”


Su Xi-er bowed to pay her respects and indirectly rejected him. “Third Imperial Prince, you are intelligent enough to imitate it just by going through the copybook. Besides, it won’t be good for either of us if it gets out that this servant is staying by your side while you are studying.”


Grand Tutor Kong heaved a sigh of relief. Su Xi-er is right, she can’t go to the Third Imperial Prince’s repose palace.


“You are right, this Imperial Prince didn’t think through it properly.”


Just as Grand Tutor Kong thought that Situ Li had given up, the latter surprised him by continuing. “Anyone can come to the Imperial Library, so if there is anything that this Imperial Prince doesn’t understand, I can come to the Imperial Library and ask Su Xi-er, right?”


I won’t ask you to leave the Imperial Library. This Imperial Prince will come to you. It was hard for Su Xi-er to reject him after he had already gone this far.


As such, she could only nod. “Third Imperial Prince, if you don’t dislike this servant, you can come.”


“How can this Imperial Prince dislike a person that you have approved of, Grand Tutor Kong?” Situ Li softly said. He then took the Lan Script copybook and walked out of the Imperial Library.


Grand Tutor Kong always cherished talented people, and was scared that something would happen to Su Xi-er; thus, he reminded her, “Prince Hao has recommended you to me. In the imperial palace, no matter who stretches their hand out to you, you should remember which side you stand on.”


“Grand Tutor, many thanks for your reminder. This servant will keep this in mind.”

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