Su Xi-er organised the books according to genre; after about an hour, every book on the shelf was lying in three separate piles on the ground. Su Xi-er then used a wet handkerchief to clean the empty shelves before then drying them off with another dry cloth.


Once she was finished cleaning, Su Xi-er then began to put the books back into place, setting the more commonly used ones on the bottom and middle shelves. As for those that were seldom read, such as the books on the art of war, they were placed on the top shelf. I know that it’s usually only the Emperor or those with military power who would study the art of war. In fact, the books that they read wouldn’t be kept in a place like this. Such books are rare and would be hidden away in a location known only to a select few, so they won’t be found in the Imperial Library. 


In order to reach the highest shelf, Su Xi-er was forced to use a wooden stool, and would step on and off of it whenever she was retrieving the next set of books. When she was finally down to the last set of books, she slipped and lost her footing on the stool.


Yet, before she could fall to the ground, she felt an icy hand supporting her from the small of her back.


Shortly after, a voice entered her ears. “Be careful next time.”


Su Xi-er immediately turned around and stepped back a few steps before bowing. “This servant pays her respects to the Third Imperial Prince.”


What is the Third Imperial Prince doing at the Imperial Library? Is he only here to read books?


Situ Li’s gaze moved across the shelves on both sides. “Not bad; it’s been cleaned well.”


“Third Imperial Prince, you are giving this servant too much credit. This is within my job scope.”


Situ Li looked at Su Xi-er. “A palace maid from the Palace Side Quarters who is now a court lady of the Imperial Library. You have a rank now, and your status is higher than that of an ordinary palace maid’s.”


“Third Imperial Prince, what type of book would you like to read? This servant will find it for you.” Su Xi-er immediately changed the conversation immediately and raised her head to ask Situ Li.


Situ Li waved his hands. “This Imperial Prince isn’t here to read books; I am here to see you.”


Su Xi-er paused for a moment. I can’t really just ask him, “What is there to see?” after he’s told me his intentions so bluntly, right?’


“You are being watched by so many people, but not only are you unharmed, you are even so relaxed. This Imperial Prince is curious, how did you return from mortal peril to safety?”


Su Xi-er replied, “This servant can’t safely escape from danger all the time. But, Third Imperial Prince, please allow this servant to ask you a question. Do you really not know the man in black who tried to kill this servant at the late Empress’ repose palace?”


“This Imperial Prince told you before, I don’t know that person. What, you don’t believe me?”


Su Xi-er nodded. “This servant really doesn’t believe it. This servant felt that the man in black recognised you, Third Imperial Prince.”


“You are a funny lass. There are many people who recognise this Imperial Prince. Does this Imperial Prince need to recognise them too?” Situ Li asked, then walked towards the bookshelves to look at the new books that had arrived.


Su Xi-er didn’t say anything, only bending down to pick up the last of the books. When she did, a small blue booklet slipped out from between the pages of one of the large books.


Hm? I didn’t see that when I was organising the books before; This book isn’t in the records.


Just when Su Xi-er was going to bend down to pick it up, a big hand stretched out from her side and did so instead.


Situ Li laughed when he saw the cover of the booklet before passing it to Su Xi-er. “A copybook.”

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