A chill ran down Lian Qio’s back. “Empress Dowager, you mean…”


“Do you know how to do it?” Pei Yaran’s sternly repeated, her eyes bright. Poison is strictly controlled in the Imperial Palace, and only the Imperial Physician Institute can use it to kill a consort of the Imperial Harem under an order. Since it’s not possible for me to get some of it from there, I can only have someone make it.


Lian Qiao kneeled down immediately. “Empress Dowager, this servant came from a Chinese medicine family. We only save people, and do not poison them. This servant doesn’t know how to make poison…”


“What if this Empress Dowager gives you a book with the instructions? Would you be able to make it?” As long as there are instructions, any physician should be able to make a simple poison.


Lian Qiao pressed her lips together. Dady always taught me that medicine is to be used to save people, and not to harm others. It is already putting in me a spot for me to make the philtre fragrance, but now she is asking for me to make poison.


“Lian Qiao, it seems to this Empress Dowager that you are somewhat unwilling.” Pei Yaran’s voice suddenly became soft and slow. She played with her nails as she walked towards Lian Qiao.


“Raise your head and let this Empress Dowager look at you.”


Lian Qiao’s body trembled, and her eyes were filled with fear as she looked up.


“Tsk tsk, you are quite pretty now that this Empress Dowager taken a closer look. You could truly become a beauty with just some make-up. That’s possible if this Empress Dowager was happy, but if I am not…” Pei Yaran slowly ran her long nails across Lian Qiao’s face. The force used wasn’t even enough to leave a red mark, but it was enough to scare Lian Qiao to death.


Lian Qiao didn’t dare to hesitate anymore, but her voice still quivered when she opened her mouth. “Empress Dowager, if there is a book, this servant can make it. However, this servant hopes that Empress Dowager will protect me in the future.”


“Are you scared that you will be exposed? If you don’t say anything then no one will know. You may even be the next He Ying if you perform well.”


The proposition of being the Compassionate Peace Palace’s head palace maid was a massive temptation to Lian Qiao. As the main palace maid, even the highest-ranked court lady will need to call me ‘Miss’ to show their respect.


With that, Lian Qiao finally decided. “This servant will not disappoint the Empress Dowager.”


Pei Yaran nodded. “Good. This Empress Dowager wants to see the two drugs that I have asked you for within seven days. The book with instructions on how to make the poison will be delivered tonight.”


After that, Pei Yaran walked out of the room; before she could make it very far, however, she spoke up again. “The philtre fragrance won’t be used on this Empress Dowager, so don’t hesitate to make it.”


She then quickly left, but her words had left Lian Qiao shaking in her boots.


Lian Qiao clenched her fists tightly. If the Empress Dowager doesn’t intend to use the philtre fragrance with Prince Hao, then who does she plan to have use it? She definitely won’t allow another woman and Prince Hao to...


Suddenly, Lian Qiao understood. She will make another woman wear it, but the man won’t be Prince Hao. It will be another man, like a guard!


Does this mean that the Empress Dowager is targeting Su Xi-er again? If that’s the case, why did she ask me to make a philtre fragrance that isn’t harmful to a man’s body?


Lian Qiao only grew more and more confused as she thought about it. In the end, she shook her head and decided that she would have to make both drugs. Otherwise, the Empress Dowager will be the first person to take my life!




Meanwhile, Su Xi-er was blissfully unaware of the Empress Dowager’s plan. She had been busy organising books that had arrived two days ago.


There were poetry books, books filled with paintings, books describing war tactics, and even books about the customs of different countries.


When Su Xi-er checked through the books, she noticed that many of them weren’t from Beimin, but actually from the smaller surrounding countries as well.


Nanzhao’s Imperial Library definitely doesn’t have books from the smaller countries. This might be a small difference, but it’s sufficient to tell that it’s one of the reasons Beimin is so powerful; they continue to learn from those around them and are very receptive to new ideas.

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