“Tan Ge, what’s wrong?” Chao Mu pulled her over and asked.


“How do you know that I am Tan Ge and not Su Xi-er? After all, you’ve never met either of us before.”


Chao Mu giggled after hearing that. “Grand Tutor Kong pointed at you when he instructed me to bring you to the Imperial Household Department. By the way, is something wrong? You don’t look happy.”


Tan Ge shook her head. “No, it’s a pleasure to meet you, Chao Mu.” I envy a naive, stress-free person like her, but I am happy for her too.


“I will take you there then. The Imperial Library isn’t as strict as other palaces. At worst, Grand Tutor Kong would just have you write lines.” Chao Mu looked at Tan Ge as she spoke.


On the way to the Imperial Household Department, Chao Mu continued to chatter non-stop. The Imperial Library used to be so quiet, but I’m so excited now that two more women have come!


Shortly after the news that Su Xi-er had become a court lady as part of the Imperial Library, Eunuch Zhang personally removed her name from the list of palace maids from the Palace Side Quarters. He then registered her onto the list of female officials.


A court lady was considered a low-ranked female official in Beimin’s imperial palace, but it was much better than being an ordinary palace maid. At the very least, they held a rank.


It went without saying that both the Empress Dowager and Emperor heard about it.


Pei Yaran had been sitting in the main hall of the Compassionate Peace Palace when she heard the news, all while drinking White Fungus Lotus Seed Soup, after which she lost her appetite. She asked the palace maid on her side. “Su Xi-er was fine at the Palace Side Quarters. Tell me, why did she suddenly go to the Imperial Library? ”


The palace maid trembled in fear. “This servant has only heard that a eunuch from the Imperial Library was ordered by Grand Tutor Kong to bring Su Xi-er there. The Eldest Young Miss from the Tan Residence also went to the Imperial Library, but it appears that Grand Tutor Kong chose Su Xi-er after testing both of them.”


Pei Yaran put her bowl of White Fungus Lotus Seed Soup down on the table. “The Eldest Young Miss from the Tan Residence…” She softly mumbled. The Tan Family’s eldest daughter should have returned to her residence after the Beauty Palace was dismissed. Who sent her back to the palace?


What’s even more shocking is that Su Xi-er had won against her during Grand Tutor Kong’s test. For the daughter of a family of scholars to be unable to defeat a palace maid from the Palace Side Quarters… it appears that the Tan Residence doesn’t need to exist anymore.


At this moment, a guard from the Compassionate Peace Palace who had been watching Eunuch Zhang entered the main hall, bowing deferentially. “Empress Dowager, this subordinate has something to report.”


Pei Yaran waved her hand and instructed the palace maid by her side to leave, prompting the latter to immediately bow and see herself out.


The guard only began talking once the palace maid had left. “Empress Dowager, two hours before Su Xi-er went to the Imperial Library, she went to the Imperial Household Department and stayed in the storage room with Eunuch Zhang for an extended period of time. When she walked out, however, the only thing that she had with her was some coarse cloth. This subordinate suspects that something else may have happened, otherwise, why would she have been in there for so long? Collecting some cloth should be quite fast.”


“If it wasn’t for Eunuch Zhang being there last night, this Empress Dowager would have already dealt with Su Xi-er; why would I have waited until now? The longer it’s dragged out, the more complications there will be” Pei Yaran firmly slapped the handle of her chair. Eunuch Zhang is already on Su Xi-er’s side. No matter whose orders he is following, I can’t let him keep him.


Pei Yaran stood up from her chair and waved her hand. “Withdraw.”


“This subordinate obeys the order.”


After the guard had left, Pei Yaran stayed in the main hall for a while before walking to the backyard and entering Lian Qiao’s room. Lian Qiao heard her room door open and hastily opened up a medical book, pretending to read it. I haven’t decided whether I am going to help the Empress Dowager to make the philtre fragrance yet.


When Lian Qiao saw that it was the Empress Dowager, she immediately put the medical book to the side and got up to pay her respects. “This servant…”


Pei Yaran interrupted her before she could even speak. “There’s no need for formalities. This Empress Dowager came over to ask you to make something other than the philtre fragrance. I also want you to make some poison; do you know how to make it?”

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