Tan Ge had seen the Lan Script before. I’ve tried to practice it in the past, but it was so difficult that I gave up. However, Su Xi-er is able to imitate it so well that I can’t tell the difference from the original.


I totally admit my thorough defeat. What kind of man wouldn’t like someone like this; a woman with both beauty and brains? It’s no surprise that Prince Hao likes her. How can I compete with Su Xi-er?


The so-called ‘Tan Residence’s hope’? What a ridiculous joke. Tan Ge’s gaze was revealed her admiration for Su Xi-er as she gave a self-deprecating chuckle. “I have lost. I feel the same kind of regret as Grand Tutor Kong; your talents have been buried for so long.”


Yet, right at this moment, a eunuch from the Imperial Library entered. “Grand Tutor Kong, Commandery Prince Xie has arrived, and is waiting for you in the main hall.”


Grand Tutor Kong replied with an affirmative before turning to look at Su Xi-er and Tan Ge. “The two of you, follow me to the main hall.” 


Su Xi-er and Tan Ge immediately followed. Tan Ge knew that she might need to return to the Tan Residence once again. At that time, dad will definitely despise me further, and even allow my younger sister to seize my room again.


Xie Yun was waiting in the main hall, standing ramrod straight until he saw Grand Tutor Kong and gently greeted, “You have worked hard, Grand Tutor Kong.”


Grand Tutor Kong bowed in response. “This humble official pays his respects to Commandery Prince Xie. It’s just that the Imperial Library can only pick one court lady. Su Xi-er has won the match, so the Young Miss Tan can only…” At this moment, Grand Tutor Kong stopped and looked up at Commandery Prince Xie.


Xie Yun looked at Su Xi-er. “I didn’t know that a maidservant from the Palace Side Quarters could be so talented. To think that the eldest official daughter of the Tan Residence, a family of scholars, would lose against you.”


Su Xi-er bowed to pay her respects and slowly replied, “It was merely luck that this servant won. The Young Miss Tan is very talented, and this servant is impressed by her.”


“Oh?” Xie Yun’s tone became higher as he took a few steps forward, giving Su Xi-er a once over. “You just said that Young Miss Tan is talented, but she lost to you. Doesn’t that mean that you’re even more talented than her?”


“This servant hopes that you won’t continue to split hairs and harp on something meaningless like this, Commandery Prince Xie.”


Grand Tutor Kong and Tan Ge were both stunned. Commandery Prince Xie has significant military influence, and has stretched his hand into court politics in recent times. His authority is similar to Prince Hao’s, but Su Xi-er dares to tell him to not split hairs!


Xie Yun laughed, his voice clear and gentle. “A woman with beauty and talent like you has made a large impression on this Prince.” Then, he turned around and looked at the Grand Tutor. “This Prince doesn’t have a problem with you picking Su Xi-er, but Young Miss Tan can’t leave the palace.”


Grand Tutor Kong didn’t understand his intentions. The Imperial Library only needs one court lady. I have selected Su Xi-er, so I can’t keep Tan Ge. What does Commandery Prince Xie mean?


“Only one palace maid is needed to organise the books in the Imperial Library, but this Prince found a lot of leaves on the paths leading here. Have Young Miss Tan stay as a palace maid to sweep the place; she can even help Su Xi-er in her free time.”


After Commandery Prince Xie had gone as far as to say so much, Grand Tutor Kong couldn’t deny him. “This humble official obeys the order.”


Tan Ge couldn’t help but lament her fate after hearing that. I can’t be a court lady, but I still have to stay as a palace maid to clean the place. I didn’t think that I would still end up staying in the imperial palace after all this.


Xie Yun’s gaze landed on Tan Ge. “There are some words that your father has asked this Prince to pass on to you.” After that, he cast a meaningful look at Su Xi-er and walked out of the main hall.

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