Su Xi-er continued to look through the shelves until she finally found the copybook with the Lan Script on the top shelf! She took a stool and stood on her toes to get it.


Once she had opened it up, she was able to confirm that she had found what she was looking for. This is indeed my style. It appears that even Beimin adopted the Lan Script, despite holding the military in higher regard than scholarly pursuits.


When Grand Tutor Kong saw the copybook that Su Xi-er was holding, he shook his head. “The Lan Script originates from Nanzhao’s previous Eldest Imperial Princess; there are a lot of difficult points that do not suit you. Let me pick something easier.”


However, just as Grand Tutor Kong came forward to select a simpler style for her, Su Xi-er let out a laugh and stopped him.


“This servant likes the challenge. This servant is very quick at learning things, especially imitation, if I do say so myself.”


When Grand Tutor Kong saw that she was determined, he sighed. She will understand how difficult it is once she starts to write. Seeing as how this is something that she picked out herself, Prince Hao can’t blame me if she loses.


Su Xi-er put the copybook onto the table and purposely ground the ink slower. I must be sure to slow down so that Grand Tutor Kong does not think that I am familiar with this.


Meanwhile, Tan Ge was already half-finished with her own work. Looking over at Su Xi-er her eyes widened in shock. Did she really pick that copybook?!


Su Xi-er smiled at Tan Ge and then lifted her brush to start. She purposely slowed down so that her movements looked like a beginner’s.


However, this was the script she created. No matter how much she wanted to pretend that she was a beginner, practised eyes would be able to tell that she was different.


Gradually, Grand Tutor Kong noticed that something was strange. The stick of incense was half gone, but he could see that Su Xi-er’s strokes had greatly changed from when she had first begun writing.


Eventually, Grand Tutor Kong couldn’t suppress his curiosity anymore and walked closer to take a look. When he saw Su Xi-er’s half-finished sheet of writing, his expression was one of absolute astonishment.


Grand Tutor Kong forgot about etiquette and immediately waved his hand to stop Su Xi-er from continuing. He picked up the calligraphy paper, and his brows furrowed into a line.


Tan Ge, who had already finished writing, noticed something amiss with Grand Tutor Kong’s expression as she put her brush down.


Grand Tutor Kong only grew more shocked as he continued to read down the paper. By the time he reached the bottom, he had picked up the copybook to carefully compare the strokes. Although there are some differences at the tips of the strokes, everything else is exactly the same!


What he didn’t know was that Su Xi-er had intentionally made the tips of her strokes different, so what was written on the sheet was only half of her real abilities.


“Great! Great! Great!” Unable to think of any other words, Grand Tutor Kong could only repeat this exclamation three times with quivering lips.


Tan Ge looked at Su Xi-er in confusion. Grand Tutor Kong is a leading authority in the literary world. Being able to surprise him to this extent means that this maidservant from the Palace Side Quarters is really not someone simple!


Grand Tutor Kong put the sheet of paper down, his eyes full of admiration. “You are so skilful at imitating others that I can barely tell it apart from the genuine article! If Nanzhao’s previous Eldest Imperial Princess were still alive, even she would nod her head in approval after seeing this!”


“Many thanks for the praises, Grand Tutor Kong.” Su Xi-er indifferently replied, showing a smile on her visage. Who would know that I am Ning Rulan herself?


“Sigh, your talent has been buried away in the Palace Side Quarters. Even if you entered the Imperial Library, your talents will still be wasted.” Grand Tutor Kong cherished talented people, and could only repeatedly shake his head.


From this sentence, Tan Ge understood that she had lost. After failing to enter the Imperial Palace, the hope of the Tan Residence has once again disappeared.


Grand Tutor Kong’s gaze fell onto Tan Ge. “The winner of this match is Su Xi-er.”


It was only then that Tan Ge finally took notice of Su Xi-er’s name, a memory vaguely calling out to her. Su Xi-er… the name is very familiar. Wait, isn’t Su Xi-er the woman that Prince Hao dotes on? If so, then she must have been recommended by Prince Hao! She’s also probably the reason why Prince Hao dismissed the Beauty Palace? Nevermind that, Prince Hao must have recommended her because of her low status. Working in the Imperial Library is one way to elevate her position enough to be allowed into the Prince Hao Residence!


Tan Ge was extremely shocked, leading to her repeatedly stepping backwards. It wasn’t because she had lost the match, but because she found out that she had been facing Su Xi-er.


Grand Tutor Kong thought that she couldn’t accept the judgement, so he passed the sheet of calligraphy to Tan Ge. “Although the Tan Residence has declined, it has always been a family of scholars. You will understand when you see Su Xi-er’s writing.”


Tan Ge took the piece of paper, and her eyes grew as wide as marbles when she looked it over.

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