Su Xi-er didn’t expect that Old Maidservant Liu would ask Hong Li this question. She thinks that Hong Li can know all of my matters just because she is close to me?


“However, I am also curious. When did you and Prince Hao get to know each other? There was a time when Mu Tao said that you were possessed and had become very different. Could it have started from that day, you…”


“Hong Li, can I say that I’m not familiar with Prince Hao? Someone of his status is not a person that I can forge connections with; it’s just that some matters aren’t what they appear to be on the surface.”


Puzzlement appeared in Hong Li’s eyes and she looked at Su Xi-er attentively. “You’re not familiar with Prince Hao? How can that be? That day, he clearly punished Old Maidservant Zhao for your sake. Furthermore, didn’t you tell Old Maidservant Zhao that you have a backer?”


“You are sometimes very smart but sometimes very stupid. In the future, don’t say anything at all. You just have to listen to me. Otherwise, seek a way out for yourself.” Su Xi-er didn’t have time to explain, thus, she immediately walked forward speedily.


Hong Li was getting anxious. I can’t seek a way out for myself. I want to follow and mingle with Su Xi-er!


Hence, she ran forward and grabbed Su Xi-er. She softly said, “Don’t worry, I will try hard to become smart and not a smart alec. You have to take me out. All of my hopes are pinned on you.”


Su Xi-er looked at Hong Li’s earnest eyes and nodded. “Mhm, go and do your work.”


Having obtained Su Xi-er’s assurance, Hong Li’s relieved face was plastered in smiles. She immediately ran to the area she worked at. 


She gazed at Hong Li’s departing figure. Her current appearance is very much like a carefree little lass with no worries.


It’s just that when one is in the Palace Side Quarters, there are many times when we don’t have the freedom to act out of our own volition.


The other palace maids were currently working. When they worked, it would be time for Su Xi-er to rest.


The weather is currently hot so working at night is cooling. Once the weather becomes cold, however, I will be the one suffering. I must think of a way to change my work before that time.


Since Ruo Yuan had helped her a lot last night, she decided to visit her.




As Ruo Yuan had a robust body, the tiring heavy labour that was suitable for men was all carried out by her.


Su Xi-er came to the southwest side of the Palace Side Quarters. The area where the chamber pots were placed was very close to the woodhouse Ruo Yuan worked in.


However, she didn’t expect that Ruo Yuan wasn’t around.


Coincidentally, Lian Qiao passed by and immediately rushed over after she saw Su Xi-er.


Su Xi-er looked at her and asked, “Lian Qiao, have you seen Ruo Yuan?”


Lian Qiao looked pensive. “She...I don’t know where she is. In the past, she should be here chopping the firewood.”


At this moment, a contemptuous woman’s voice sounded. It was the thin palace maid who had originally stayed in the same room as Su Xi-er.


“Ruo Yuan was just taken away by the imperial guards.”

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