Eunuch Zhang looked out of the window to see a black-clothed figure standing outside. In the blink of an eye, the figure was gone.


Su Xi-er opened the door to the room, finding nobody in sight as she began to carry the bundle of coarse cloth back to the Palace Side Quarters. On the way back, she happened to spot a woman who was dressed in pink robes. It isn’t a palace maid’s uniform, and the cloth that the robes are made of are mid-tier at best. Which family’s young miss is this?


Just then, Tan Ge happened to turn and see Su Xi-er; her expression transformed into one of surprise. This woman is so beautiful, but is dressed in coarse clothes. She must be a palace maid from either the Laundry Service Bureau or Palace Side Quarters. It seems that there are many women in this world who live unsatisfactory lives.


At this thought, a smile appeared on Tan Ge's face as she gave a slight nod to Su Xi-er. She then picked up the pace as she headed towards the Imperial Household Department.


A thought formulated in Su Xi-er's head when she noticed the direction Tan Ge was heading to. I feel like that woman is very familiar, as if I’ve seen her somewhere before. Su Xi-er only pondered for a brief moment before she continued on her way to the Palace Side Quarters.


Just as Su Xi-er was about to reach the Palace Side Quarters, she bumped into Lian Qiao. The latter was holding a cloth bundle, and had frozen in place when she saw Su Xi-er. It was silent for a few moments before Lian Qiao broke it. "I left some stuff behind at the Palace Side Quarters. I was on the way to the Compassionate Peace Palace when I suddenly remembered and came back to take them."


Su Xi-er nodded. "The Compassionate Peace Palace is nothing like the Palace Side Quarters; it’d be good to be more prudent."


"Thank you, I will." Lian Qiao gave a slight nod before she continued on her way.


Little did Lian Qiao know that the moment she left, her destiny would be changed forever, for better or worse.


Lian Qiao was on her way to the Compassionate Peace Palace when she was met with a guard from the Commandery Prince Residence that had been dispatched to lead her the rest of the way. When she finally reached her destination, Lian Qiao didn’t even dare to breathe loudly.


Pei Yaran sat at the highest seat in the main hall. Upon seeing Lian Qiao, she gestured for the Commandery Prince Residence's guard to leave.


The guard bowed and consented. "This subordinate will take my leave."


After the brief sound of departing footsteps was no longer audible, only Pei Yaran and Lian Qiao were left in the main hall.


Lian Qiao gingerly bowed and greeted, "This servant pays her respects to the Empress Dowager."


When Lian Qiao entered the Compassionate Peace Palace, she had noticed that the clothes worn by the palace maids were of much higher quality than those in the Palace Side Quarters. Even the colours and designs were much more diverse, unlike the dull grey or yellow colours in the Palace Side Quarters.


Pei Yaran lifted a hand to gesture for Lian Qiao to rise. "This Empress Dowager heard from Commandery Prince Xie that you come from a long line of physicians. How much of your family's medical skills have you learnt?"


"Replying to the Empress Dowager, this servant has been learning medicine from my father since a young age. Unfortunately, this servant’s family fell into decline only five years after I began my studies, and that was when I entered the palace. As such, this servant dares not say that my skills are top-notch, but I do have some knowledge when it comes to treating illnesses and creating medicine." Lian Qiao answered deferentially and honestly. She didn't dare to boast about her skills, but she was indeed slightly better than a normal physician.


Just then, Pei Yaran picked a book up on the table and threw it at Lian Qiao. When it landed next to her, Lian Qiao discovered that it was a blue book without any words on the cover. I wonder what book this is.


"Pick up the book and properly flip through it."

Lian Qiao acknowledged the order and bent down to pick the book up, beginning to pore over it. It was a medicinal book; the first few pages were a brief introduction to medicine, followed by some treatment methods to common illnesses. However, Lian Qiao’s eyes widened once she flipped to the back of the book — it’s philtre fragrance! There are manifold methods for making all kinds of philtre fragrance in every colour and form, each with a different concentration and specific use!

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