However, some people were also doubtful. “Commandery Prince Xie asked Su Xi-er to stay behind with him, so why wasn’t she sent to the Compassionate Peace Palace? It looked like there was something going on between them.”


She had only just finished this sentence when someone else rapped her on the head. “The Empress Dowager has already ordered people to try to capture Su Xi-er a few times. Add on to the fact that the Su Xi-er was indirectly involved with the death of the cat that the Empress Dowager likes, it’s likely that the Empress Dowager would be thinking of a way to skin her alive day and night!”


It was at this moment that Su Xi-er and Hong Li happened to walk past.


Just as Hong Li wanted to utter a vicious retort, Su Xi-er pulled her back and signalled to remain silent.


Hong Li reluctantly nodded and followed Su Xi-er.


At this moment, Old Maidservant Liu walked over. She first chided the palace maids who were gossiping before turning to Su Xi-er. “Go to the Imperial Household Department and bring some coarse cloths over.”


Su Xi-er nodded. When she walked past Old Maidservant Liu, she heard her whisper, “Eunuch Zhang has something important to tell you.”


Su Xi-er didn’t say anything, but nodded slightly before quickly leaving.


When the other palace maids saw Su Xi-er walking away so quickly, they just thought Old Maidservant Liu’s order was very urgent.


Old Maidservant Liu looked at the palace maids in front of her with a benevolent expression, but stern voice. “Lian Qiao has been transferred to the Compassionate Peace Palace, so we will need someone new to scrub the chamber pots. Who would like to volunteer?”


As expected, everyone was immediately silenced. Old Maidservant Liu then looked at Hong Li. “You do it. Perhaps you will be able to find an opportunity, just as Su Xi-er and Lian Qiao have.”


Old Maidservant Liu wasn’t foolish and had deliberately made that remark. As expected, many of the other palace maids soon began to volunteer themselves after hearing her words.


Hong Li understood Old Maidservant Liu’s intent, so she purposely replied, “Old Maidservant Liu, this servant will do it.”


The expressions of the other palace maids soured when they heard this; it was like someone had snatched a wonderful job away from them.


In the end, Old Maidservant Liu pointed at the most emotional palace maid. “You do it.”


The palace maid who was selected immediately acknowledged the order. “Thank you, Old Maidservant Liu.”


“Go right now. If blisters appear on your hands, come to me to get medicine for it.”


The palace maid immediately replied. “Many thanks, Old Maidservant Liu. This servant will definitely do my job well.” After that, the maidservant headed off with an delighted look on her face.


The job that everyone had tried to avoid was now the most coveted.




Meanwhile, under Old Maidservant Liu’s order, Su Xi-er came to the Imperial Household Department. The eunuch outside had already been instructed by Eunuch Zhang and quickly let Su Xi-er inside.


Su Xi-er found Eunuch Zhang in the storage room. He took a pile of coarse cloths and passed them to Su Xi-er. “Take these to Old Maidservant Liu. Each palace maid will need to make their own set of clothes with these. These have cotton padded inside, so it will be warmer to wear them in winter.”


Su Xi-er nodded and took the pile.


Only after a glimpse of a black shadow flashed past outside the storage room did Eunuch Zhang put away his stern expression. “The Imperial Household Department has been monitored by the guards from the Compassionate Peace Palace since last night. If I have news for you in the future, I will ask you to come and collect things. For now, I must let you know that the Imperial Library is looking for a palace maid to manage their book records. Prince Hao is planning to recommend you for the position.”


Su Xi-er nodded and remembered what Pei Qianhao told her last night. “After a period of time, you won’t be at the Palace Side Quarters anymore.”


So it’s because he plans on having me stay at the Imperial Library instead of the Prince Hao Residence.


Eunuch Zhang’s expression suddenly became serious. “However, Commandery Prince Xie suddenly got involved and also recommended a different woman for the position. In any case, you would do well to be wary of Commandery Prince Xie.”


Su Xi-er nodded. “Many thanks for the reminder, Eunuch Zhang. Commandery Prince Xie has already sounded me out today.” At this moment, Su Xi-er suddenly changed the topic. “Eunuch Zhang, many thanks for giving this servant so many coarse cloths.”

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