“Commandery Prince Xie, what you said isn’t right. If you insist on pursuing this matter, it should stay between you and He Xiangyu. The matter of this servant taking the blame for He Xiangyu is between the two of us. No matter how you look at it, this servant has no relation to you.”


Although the words were roundabout, they did make some sense.


Xie Yun took a step back. “Since you put it that way, it would be this Prince’s fault if I continue to look into your mistakes.”


Su Xi-er bowed. “Commandery Prince Xie, please forgive this servant if what I said offended you.”


Before he could respond, she continued. “This servant will take my leave first. If you want to continue investigating, this servant will be willing to accept the punishment, no matter how heavy it is.”


Su Xi-er then immediately turned and left, not sparing Xie Yun another glance.


Xie Yun didn’t stop her this time, his smiling eyes only narrowing slightly as he watched her disappear. He then turned his attention to the foliage on the side of the palace path. “After eavesdropping for so long, are you not coming out?”


It was several long moments before the person who was hiding in the trees came out ー Lian Qiao! She had pretended to follow the other palace maids to the kitchen, but had then secretly circled back. She wanted to know why Commandery Prince Xie had come to the Palace Side Quarters.


I didn’t think that Su Xi-er also has connections with Commandery Prince Xie when she’s already acquainted with Prince Hao.


“You were daring enough to eavesdrop, but now you are scared?” Although Xie Yun’s voice was gentle, his eyes were solemn.


Lian Qiao immediately knelt down on the palace path. “This servant knows that I am in the wrong. Commandery Prince Xie, please spare this servant’s life.”


“Judging from your clothes, you must be a palace maid from the Palace Side Quarters. Why are you surreptitiously eavesdropping here? Are you Su Xi-er’s arch-enemy?” The solemn look in Xie Yun’s eyes receded a little, his voice still gentle.


Lian Qiao’s expression relaxed a bit, but she still didn’t dare to be negligent. “This servant isn’t friends or enemies with Su Xi-er; our relationship is average.”


Xie Yun’s lips were slightly curled into a smile. If they aren’t arch-enemies, why did she come to eavesdrop on us?


“What’s your name?”


Lian Qiao was alarmed and lowered her head. “This servant’s name is Lian Qiao.”


“Lian Qiao? Like the name of the herb?”


Lian Qiao nodded. “It is the name of the herb. Before this servant entered the imperial palace, I came from a Traditional Chinese Medicine aristocratic family.”


Xie Yun looked at her carefully. Although her looks cannot compare to Su Xi-er, she is still decently pretty. In addition, she must know a lot about medicine thanks to her family.


Thus, Xie Yun raised his hand to signal for her to get up. “This Prince won’t punish you. Instead, I will have someone come to bring you to the Compassionate Peace Palace soon. They are in need of a female physician, and you just happen to fit the requirements.”


Xie Yun’s casual words had improved Lian Qiao’s social standing by leaps and bounds. From the Palace Side Quarters to the Compassionate Peace Palace. I will be the Empress Dowager’s personal female physician!


Lian Qiao was overjoyed. Climbing up the social ladder, isn’t this what I wanted? I didn’t think that scrounging up the courage to eavesdrop would lead to such a fortune today!


She immediately bowed. “Many thanks, Commandery Prince Xie.”


“Go back to your room and pack.”


When she heard Xie Yun’s words, Lian Qiao bowed and replied with an affirmative before turning to leave


Soon, the news that Commandery Prince Xie sent Lian Qiao to the Compassionate Peace Palace had spread throughout the Palace Side Quarters. Many palace maids were surprised. What Su Xi-er said really came true! “With so many palace maids coming and going, you probably won’t be scrubbing the chamber pots forever.”


It has only been two hours, and Lian Qiao’s position has undergone a drastic change!

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