His words were simple and clear, confusing all the remaining palace maids. Did Commandery Prince Xie come to the Palace Side Quarters for Su Xi-er? Isn’t she looked after by Prince Hao? Why is she getting involved with Commandery Prince Xie too?


At this thought, the group of palace maids showed some disdain in their eyes. She’s not satisfied with just hooking up Prince Hao, and is even trying to latch onto Commandery Prince Xie. A beautiful woman really is shameless!


Hong Li let go of Su Xi-er’s hand and nervously glanced at Commandery Prince Xie. Nothing will go wrong, right?


Su Xi-er smiled at Hong Li to reassure her; it was only then that Hong Li stopped worrying and left.


Shortly after, only Su Xi-er and Xie Yun were left on the palace path.


Su Xi-er bowed at Xie Yun to pay her respects before asking, “Commandery Prince Xie, did you ask this servant to remain because there was something you wanted to tell me?”


Xie Yun took a step forward and sized her up. “This Prince just wants to see how beautiful the person Prince Hao fancies is.”


“If that’s the case, since you have seen this servant, I will be taking my leave now.” Su Xi-er bowed again and turned to leave.


A long arm blocked her path. “This Prince isn’t here just to see you.”


His voice was resounding, but his thoughts were hidden behind the faint smile on his face.


Su Xi-er raised her head and looked at him. “What other matters do you have, Commandery Prince Xie?”


“There was previously a palace maid from the Palace Side Quarters who broke this Prince’s jade pendant that is worn at my waist. This Prince wanted to punish her, but another palace maid took the blame for her.” Xie Yun paused and chuckled. “Taking the blame for someone else is violating the palace rules. Tell me, what should we do about that?”


“That incident happened long ago, and the palace maid who broke your jade pendant has already passed away. As the high and mighty, magnanimous Commandery Prince Xie, why do you need to fuss over an already dead woman?” Su Xi-er deliberately distorted his meaning and placed him on a pedestal.


A trace of admiration appeared in Xie Yun’s eyes. “It’s no surprise that you have kept Prince Hao’s attention for so long, to the point that he was even willing to dissolve the Beauty Palace. Who wouldn’t like a woman with both beauty and brains?” He suddenly took a step closer to her.


He was quick enough where Su Xi-er couldn’t move away before he was already close enough to smell the scent of grass on him.


Su Xi-er instinctively took a step back, but didn’t realise that Xie Yun would stretch his hand out behind her to keep her in place.


Xie Yun’s eyes were full of smiles. “This Prince isn’t fussing over a dead person, and is only investigating the palace maid who took the blame for her. Tell this Prince, who is that?”


His current disposition unpleasantly reminded Su Xi-er of Yun Ruofeng when he had tried to please her.


Su Xi-er’s slender brows were slightly scrunched up. In the end, she stamped down hard on his feet, then lowered her body to go under his arm to withdraw to one side.


“You are an audacious woman.” Xie Yun’s words sounded like he was mocking her, but his smile only became wider.


Su Xi-er respectfully replied, “Commandery Prince Xie, since you want to pursue the matter, then this servant has nothing left to say. Will I be flogged or whipped? Or do I need to work more?”


“You won’t be flogged, whipped, or sent to do more work. Since you owe this Prince, you will need to go to the Commandery Prince Residence and sweep the small paths there for seven days. After that, you can return to the Palace Side Quarters.” Xie Yun slowly said while still smiling.


Su Xi-er instantly rejected him. “I can’t.”


“Why not?” Xie Yun asked.


“Commandery Prince Xie, you should go and ask Prince Hao. Only if Prince Hao agrees can this servant go.” Su Xi-er decided to toss this cumbersome problem to Pei Qianhao.


When Xie Yun heard her talking about Prince Hao, he laughed. “This is between you and this Prince; why do we need to disturb Prince Hao?”

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