The family servant’s eyes were widened, but his surprise quickly turned into disdain and mockery as he saw Tan Ge and Cui-er walking towards the residence.


The Patriarch went to great lengths to send the Eldest Young Miss into the Beauty Palace, but now that the Beauty Palace has been dissolved, the Eldest Young Miss was kicked out as well! The Tan Residence has lost face again, and the Patriarch has given the order to leave her alone, but the Eldest Young Miss still has the face to return?


“Aren’t you going to pay your respects after seeing Young Miss?!” When Cui-er saw that the family servant was so arrogant and rude, she couldn’t help but lambasted him.


The family servant laughed derisively and gave a snort. “Eldest Young Miss, you haven’t finished the task given to you by the Patriarch, so the Tan Residence will have nothing to do with you from now on. I am already being polite by not chasing you away.”


Although she had already expected this, Tan Ge was still disappointed as she looked at the desolate street and rundown entrance. The Tan Residence hasn’t started selling their furniture yet, but they’ve only been able to maintain their current status by using savings passed down by our ancestors. Once that is gone, it won’t be long before they have to sell the residence and move.


“Eldest Young Miss, hurry and leave! Otherwise, I will really need to use my broom to force you out!” The family servant didn’t even have a proper stick, so he could only use the broom in his hands.


Just as it began to look hopeless, another voice rang out. “This Prince didn’t think that the Tan Residence had fallen to the stage where they would kick their eldest official daughter out.” After he finished talking, a slender figure got off the horse carriage.


When the servant saw the noble-looking man, his eyes immediately widened. This Prince? But the person in front of me can’t be the perpetually cold Prince Hao. This man indeed shows the traits of the nobility, but is gentler than Prince Hao.


Since he couldn’t risk offending someone with a great status, the family servant respectfully bowed. “May I ask who you are?”


Commandery Prince Xie’s guard replied. “Inform Patriarch Tan that Commandery Prince Xie has arrived at the Tan Residence.”


When the family servant heard that it was Commandery Prince Xie, he almost felt his heart leap out of his chest. “This servant deserves to die for slighting Commandery Prince Xie.” After that, the family servant hastily ran into the residence with a jubilant expression. Commandery Prince Xie is here!


Patriarch Tan was sitting inside the main hall with his brows furrowed together, but when he heard that Commandery Prince Xie had personally come to the Tan Residence, he immediately perked up. He even went as far as to order the remaining few family servants and maidservants to look more energetic and be on their toes!


Shortly after, the door of the residence opened to reveal the Patriarch, Tan Zhuang. He cupped his hands together with a smile, paying his respects. However, he was taken aback to see that his daughter, Tan Ge, had returned.


Although the man in front of her was her own father, Tan Ge could feel none of the familiarity that people would expect of their kin. The atmosphere rapidly became awkward until Tan Ge softly called out, “Dad.”


There was no change in Tan Zhuang’s expression as he simply nodded. “Mmm.” He then glanced at the family servant on the side. “Take the Eldest Young Miss into the residence and arrange a place for her to stay.”


Arrange a place to stay… I have a courtyard in the Tan Residence. Did someone else move in after I left?


Tan Zhuang saw the confusion in Tan Ge’s eyes. “Go over first, I will talk to you later.”


Choosing this moment, Xie Yun laughed softly. “Patriarch Tan, the glory of the Tan Residence will probably depend on this Eldest Young Miss in front of you.”


Tan Zhuang’s face was instantly wreathed in smiles. “Commandery Prince Xie, what brought you and my humble daughter here today?”

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