After coming to this decision, she tried to play the act of a shy woman. “I agree to follow you, but put me down first. I’m afraid of other people seeing us like this in broad daylight.”


The burly man who was holding her was pleased to hear that. He laughed heartily and kissed her cheeks. “Alright, follow us obediently!”


Tan Ge suppressed her disgust and followed the three men from behind, tidying up Cui-er’s clothes when she passed by her.


Cui-er’s tears fell like raindrops. “Young Miss…”


“Let’s just follow them from now on.” Tan Ge winked at Cui-er, and the latter nodded to signal that she understood.


Once they had gotten onto the main street where there were more pedestrians, Tan Ge pulled Cui-er with her and started to run away.


The three burly men noticed their actions and stopped them. “You shameless woman, despite being married to my big brother, you are still thinking about going out and seducing people every day!”


The people passing by gave them a cursory glance and shook their heads. We shouldn’t get involved in family matters.


Cui-er was exasperated. “Who’s married to your big brother? You three are trying to abduct her!”


The three burly men made no further remarks and simply held onto Tan Ge and Cui-er.


Suddenly, a horse carriage with cyan tassels hanging from its roof drove past.


Tan Ge immediately recognised Commandery Prince Xie’s horse carriage and called out, “Commandery Prince Xie, please save this little woman!”


When the burly man heard Commandery Prince Xie’s name, it sent shivers down his spine. However, when he didn’t see the so-called Commandery Prince Xie, he immediately turned around and slapped Tan Ge’s face.


Yet, the burly man suddenly began howling in pain as blood splattered everywhere. Tan Ge had used the opportunity to strike with a knife that she had hidden away, cutting deeply into the man’s right hand.


Despite the yelling, another man’s clear voice could be heard over the commotion. “Guards, arrest those three men. They were trying to abduct the Young Miss from the Tan Residence, and should be strictly punished by law.”


The guard bowed and immediately corralled the three men together before bringing them away.


Tears of joy poured from Cui-er’s eyes as she grasped Tan Ge’s hand. “Young Miss, we are saved!”


Tan Ge nodded. She slowly walked in front of Commandery Prince Xie’s horse carriage and bowed to pay her respects. “Many thanks for saving us, Commandery Prince Xie.”


A long arm lifted the curtain of the horse carriage, revealing the side of Xie Yun’s handsome face. Cui-er couldn’t help but be stunned. This man has a very different aura than Prince Hao. They are both handsome, but Prince Hao is cold, while Commandery Prince Xie is gentle.


“Young Miss Tan, this Prince will send you back to the Tan Residence.”


When Tan Ge heard this, she immediately shook her head. “I won’t go back.”


However, it wasn’t up to her to decide whether she should return or not. The two guards understood Xie Yun’s intentions from his look, and called for another horse carriage before asking the two women to board.


“Young Miss Tan, you should return to where you came from.” Not long after he made this remark, Xie Yun’s carriage began to slowly move away.


Tan Ge’s expression was pained, but she didn’t have a choice in the matter. The carriage was soon on its way towards the Tan Residence, located on a remote street in the capital.


Cui-er was elated, not understanding the feelings of her master. “Young Miss, Commandery Prince Xie will send us back. Everyone will think that Commandery Prince Xie has your back. From now on, no one in the Tan Residence will look down on you!”


Tan Ge didn’t reply, simply looking at the street disappearing behind her with clear disappointment swimming in her eyes. I am simply doomed to be chained up again. It was clear from the moment that the Beauty Palace was dissolved that the Tan Residence has no intentions of keeping me as a daughter. Not coming to look for me is more or less proof of this.


Now that I am returning to the Tan Residence, the only reason they would treat me with respect is if they wanted to use me again.


The family servants in front of the Tan Residence’s entrance were yawning non-stop. The fallen leaves had accumulated in front of the entrance, and the wooden door itself had begun to rot. Only the signboard with the words ‘Tan Residence’ inscribed on it looked clean.

When the family servant stationed at the entrance saw the large, spacious carriage led by two steeds stopping in front of the residence, his eyes widened. Has some big figure arrived?

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