Tan Ge’s maidservant, Cui-er, didn’t recognise Prince Hao’s horse carriage, but she recognised Wu Ling. With how much respect Wu Ling was showing the person inside the horse carriage, it can only be Prince Hao! The maidservant immediately pulled on Tan Ge’s sleeve. “Young Miss, that’s Prince Hao’s horse carriage!”


Her voice harboured a trace of excitement. I will keep an eye out for this black gilded horse carriage in the future. I might be able to beg for Prince Hao to keep Young Miss and not chase her away.


In contrast to the excited Cui-er, Tan Ge was much more composed. “Even if Prince Hao is standing in front of me, I would not beg him to keep me. I don’t want to live that kind of life.” After that, she turned on her heel and walked towards the embroidery house.


She found herself very lucky to have found an embroidery house after she left the Beauty Palace. The manager had recognised her skill and allowed her to stay.


“Young Miss!” Cui-er pouted. Why is Young Miss giving up on herself? It’s already been a few days since the Beauty Palace was dismissed, but the Patriarch hasn’t even tried to reach out to Young Miss yet. Does he really intend to abandon her and leave her to her own devices?”


Cui-er watched as Tan Ge walked away and hastily followed her. However, three burly men appeared and blocked their path just as they rounded the corner. It was obvious that they were there to find trouble with the two women.


Tan Ge retreated a few steps back but remained unperturbed, addressing them in a resounding voice. “The laws of Beimin are stringent, and it’s in the middle of the day. Why would you try to knowingly break the law right now?”


The burly men laughed. “Beautiful, we only know that we aren’t going to let you escape from us today. As for the law? What would the three of us uneducated brothers know about it?”


“See big brother, what I said was right. I noticed her walking into the embroidery house yesterday. Tsk tsk, those other embroidery women are either too old or have coarse skin. This beauty here has such smooth skin and gorgeous looks. I just want to have a taste when I see her!”


The three men spoke casually between themselves as they approached Tan Ge, taking no notice of Cui-er as she courageously put herself in front of the former. “Young Miss, quickly leave; this servant will block them for you. All you lowlives, do you know who’s standing in front of you?!”


Tan Ge pursed her lips tightly, her face contorted into a serious expression. Cui-er grew up with me from a young age; she is the only close family member I have after leaving the Tan Residence. If I just leave Cui-er behind, I am not fit to be human!


“Young Miss, leave now!” Cui-er was getting more and more anxious, stretching out her hand to push Tan Ge away.


However, one of the men quickly walked behind Tan Ge and used his hands to carry her bridal style and spun her around. His arm wound around her waist as he spoke. “The Tan Residence has long declined, otherwise, there would be someone here to save you. Why not just follow us brothers instead? At the very least, you will be able to live in peace as the three of us support you!”


Tan Ge’s eyes shot cold glares, and she even spat at him. “If you don’t put me down, don’t expect to keep the tendons in your arms and legs!”


On the other side, Cui-er was already forced into the corner by the other two burly men. They reached out their hands together and pulled open the collar of her clothes, revealing her bare shoulders. “Even her maidservant has such fine skin! We have really struck the lottery!”


Cui-er had never been shamed like this, and became furious as she tried to bite the man’s arm.


The burly man snorted and slapped her across the face; almost immediately, Cui-er’s face began to swell up.

Seeing that things weren’t going well, Tan Ge decided to go along with the men for now in order to calm them down. We can find a chance to escape after leaving this alley!

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