No matter how much the civilians on the sides of the street hated him, they didn’t dare to throw spoilt vegetable leaves or eggs at him. Pei Yong had already lost a lot of weight after spending days in prison. He continued to look around him from the wagon. The Pei Family surely hasn’t abandoned me yet, otherwise, my days in prison would’ve been much harsher.


However, Pei Yong suddenly grew anxious once he was kneeling in the middle of the execution ground, and he frantically searched his surroundings for someone familiar. However, nobody from the Pei Residence was there, even his wife and daughter. Reality finally struck him. Is no one really going to save me? Am I really going to die?


Pei Yong started to struggle for his life on the execution grounds, but the burly executioner held him in place, not giving him any chances.


Wu Ling then arrived at the execution grounds in his commander's attire and started to recite Pei Yong’s crimes. The civilians clapped their hands together in approval. Pei Yong was terrified, his face turning a ghastly white as his pupils dilated.


Once it was time, Wu Ling gave the signal to the county magistrate, who then threw out his execution plate[1]. Pei Yong closed his eyes in fear as his body trembled...


Alas, nothing would change as the executioner swung his sword, and the sound of a head falling to the ground echoed over the otherwise silent execution grounds. The silence, however, was short-lived; the civilians were soon cheering and clapping once again.


Meanwhile, Pei Qianhao set down a cup of wine in his hands as he gazed down at the execution grounds from the second floor of a nearby restaurant. Seated opposite was Pei Zheng, whose brows were furrowed tightly together as he held his own cup in a death grip. A guard from the Prince Hao Residence had stopped by the Pei Residence earlier today, and informed him that Pei Qianhao had invited him to meet.


He knows that I can’t reject his invitation, yet he purposely chose a restaurant that is near the execution grounds just so that I can witness Pei Yong’s decapitation with my own eyes.


Pei Zheng put down the wine cup. “Prince Hao, you have executed Pei Yong according to the law. This official had initially tried to stop you since we are all members of the Pei Family, but I didn’t interfere after that. Thus, this official hopes that you can tell me why I was invited here today.”


“The Pei Family is the most powerful aristocratic family in the country right now. This Prince wants to ask you something. How will you ensure that the Pei family doesn’t fall? This Prince heard that the Xie Family has been making some moves recently.”


Pei Zheng’s gaze darkened. “Commandery Prince Xie controls one-third of the military power, and has recently begun to involve himself in court politics. The side branches of the Xie Family also started to get close to the scholars...” The Xie Family must be guarded against if we are to keep our position!


Pei Qianhao picked up the wine cup from the table and gently swayed it. “Lord Pei, if this Prince biasedly protects Pei Yong right now, the civilians will definitely be disillusioned. If the Xie Family uses this chance to get the civilians’ support, even if we can salvage the status of the Pei Family, the Xie Family will still hold a higher position in the civilians’ hearts.”


Pei Zheng ruminated for a while and finally nodded. “Many thanks for the reminder, Prince Hao.”


“No need to thank this Prince. This Prince grew up in the Pei Residence, and won’t forget that you raised me. Lord Pei, if you have time, you should visit the Compassionate Peace Palace. The Empress Dowager hasn’t been concentrating on the Pei Family these days.”


Pei Zheng naturally understood the underlying meaning in Pei Qianhao’s words. “Yaran’s temper has been bad since she was young. I hope you will excuse any offence. As for her attitude towards the Pei Residence, this official will go to the Compassionate Peace Palace.”


"It would be great if you can do that, Lord Pei. This Prince will be taking my leave first to visit the army barracks.” Pei Qianhao got up and walked out of the restaurant.


After Pei Qianhao disappeared, Pei Zheng’s expression became gloomy. The Pei Residence is currently wedged in a bad position. In front of us is Prince Hao, who is becoming more and more difficult to control. Behind is the Xie Family, along with Commandery Prince Xie.


Pei Qianhao quickly boarded a horse carriage after leaving the restaurant. Wu Ling had already been waiting for him on the side with the horse carriage.


“Have people watch the Pei Residence in secret. Report to this Prince immediately if there are any suspicious movements.” Pei Qianhao instructed as he looked at Pei Zheng through the gap between the curtains.


Wu Ling bowed. “This subordinate obeys the order.”


Pei Qianhao nodded and ordered the guard who drove the horse carriage to head for the army barracks.


At this moment, Tan Ge was also in the crowd. She instantly spotted Prince Hao’s horse carriage driving past with just one glance. Although there were no words or insignias on the horse carriage, the black gilded tassels hanging from the roof were enough proof that the horse carriage belonged to Prince Hao.

1. You should have seen it before if you watch Chinese dramas. Here’s an example. It’s the plate that’s sticking out from behind the prisoner.

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