“Miss, I won’t be troubling you. I will do it myself.” Feng Changqing stretched out his uninjured hand and tried to take the handkerchief from Hong Li’s hand.


However, Su Xi-er took the handkerchief away. “Let me clean it. I have been injured many times, and I know how to clean a wound so it doesn’t get infected.”


She gave Feng Changqing a look, not allowing him to reject her. She then took the damp handkerchief and started to clean the wound for him.


After repeating the process twice more, Su Xi-er had Hong Li take the basin away. She then poured some more of the Lingrui flower powder on his wound before tearing some fabric from the hem of his clothes, using it to bandage his wound.


The Lingrui flower powder was good for reducing inflammation, and quickly helped with the pain.


Suddenly, Hong Li anxiously pushed open the door and softly warned, “Su Xi-er, I just saw Prince Hao walking over. He will be here soon!”


Su Xi-er’s brows furrowed. I can’t let him discover Feng Changqing. She immediately pushed a bottle of Lingrui flower powder into his hand. “Take this and quickly leave; make sure to not let anyone see it.”


She pushed Feng Changqing to the back of the room near the window. Knowing that he couldn’t stay for long, Feng Changqing pushed open the window and jumped out. The medicinal herbs had helped him recover some of his strength.


Hong Li watched as Feng Changqing left, disappointment flickering across her eyes. I don’t know if I will see him again, but his eyes were so bright and beautiful.


Before Su Xi-er could even close the window, the door was pushed open, and a deep voice could be heard. “How’s your wound?”


“This servant… pays her respects to Prince Hao.” Hong Li’s legs kept trembling when she saw Pei Qianhao.


Su Xi-er closed the window and walked towards Pei Qianhao. Before she could even start to bow, he put a hand on her shoulder and nodded towards Hong Li. “Bring a basin of hot water over.”


Hong Li stared blankly. Was Su Xi-er injured? A basin of hot water is usually used for cleaning wounds.


“Why are you still standing there?”


When Hong Li heard the annoyance in Prince Hao’s voice, she didn’t dare to tarry any longer.


Inside the room, Pei Qianhao rolled up Su Xi-er’s sleeve. When he saw the dark-red dried blood, his brows were knitted. “You always get injured in the imperial palace. Do you like to be injured a lot?”


After that, he walked towards her shelf and retrieved one of the bottles of Lingrui flower powder. Upon noticing that one was already gone, he asked, “You have just returned to the palace, but you have already used up a bottle of Lingrui flower powder?”


The missing bottle of powder was given to Feng Changqing, but I can’t tell Pei Qianhao that. He hates it when I give things gifted by him to others.


Su Xi-er replied, “Prince Hao, you said that you don’t like this servant’s body to smell bad. Thus, this servant used a bottle of Lingrui flower powder to take a bath after returning.”


Pei Qianhao turned around and held the bottle of Lingrui flower powder. His acute sense of smell had allowed him to detect the faint scent of medicinal herbs, but he didn’t say anything despite finding it suspicious. He merely stood in front of Su Xi-er and held her arm while rolling up her sleeve.


When Hong Li suddenly rounded the corner with a basin of hot water in her hands, she froze at the sight in front of her.


Pei Qianhao’s low and deep voice could be heard. “Come in and close the door.”


“This servant obeys the order.” Hong Li immediately closed the door behind her as she brought the basin of water in with trembling hands.


I can’t just put the basin on the floor and let Prince Hao squat down to help Su Xi-er clean, right?


Su Xi-er looked at Pei Qianhao and took the handkerchief. “Prince Hao, this servant thinks it’s better to do it myself.”


There was no reply. Hong Li stood straight and carried the wooden basin at waist level.


The sound of the handkerchief being wet and wrung dry could be heard. Pei Qianhao’s gaze landed on Su Xi-er’s wound as he raised the handkerchief and carefully helped her clean the wound.


After that, he put some medicine on her and bandaged it up.


“Be careful in the future. If your scab opens up again, your wound will fester.” Pei Qianhao rolled down her sleeve and admonished her with a trace of sternness in his voice.

Su Xi-er knew that even if the scab was torn off, it wouldn’t fester. He only said it to scare me.

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