Feng Changqing’s lips were already pale, but he still maintained his consciousness. Once he saw Su Xi-er, he called out, “Eldest Imperial Princess.”


“Don’t talk right now, let me check your wound.” Su Xi-er knelt in front of him and rolled his sleeve up. Fortunately, the blood from this sword wound is a normal bright red. As long as he hasn’t been poisoned, it will be a simple matter to clean and bandage the wound with some medicine.


Su Xi-er walked towards the cupboard and took out the Lingrui flower powder. Of course, I will still need to stop his bleeding; otherwise, he will faint.


She took the brown coloured bottle and walked to Feng Changqing, opening up the bottle as she poured the powder inside onto his wound. It was only a short time after that his wound stopped bleeding.


“Once the hot water is here, we will clean the wound and apply some more flower powder before bandaging. Feng Changqing, did you go to the Compassionate Peace Palace?” Su Xi-er got up and asked him as she took out the medicinal herbs. She poured some cold water into the teapot, washed the herbs, and passed them to Feng Changqing. “Keep them in your mouth.”


Feng Changqing put the herbs into his mouth and kept them under his tongue. He could taste the mild flavour of herbs spread throughout his mouth, bringing along a revitalising feeling with it.


“When this subordinate returned to the Prince Hao Residence, I saw a guard rushing back to the imperial palace on horseback. Thinking that something might have happened to you, I followed him. After that, I heard people gossiping that a maidservant from the Palace Side Quarters was taken by the Empress Dowager to the Compassionate Peace Palace. This subordinate then hid in one of the huts in the backyard of the Compassionate Peace Palace, but I didn’t expect to find a man dressed in black.”


At this moment, Feng Changqing stopped and became more serious. “He had a large stature, and was covered from head to toe in black robes. Most importantly, he knows how to shoot the Heart-Penetrating arrow.”


“Did you see what he looks like?”


Feng Changqing shook his head. “I didn’t. He was also wearing a veil like this subordinate. This subordinate could tell that he was very skilful after fighting with him. Each of his moves were ferocious, filled with enough force to kill. He was the one who broke both the arm and leg tendons of the guard from the Compassionate Peace Palace.”


Su Xi-er’s expression became solemn. “I have met this person before, but similar to now, he wore a black veil to hide his identity, so I don’t know if he’s a friend or a foe. The only thing I am sure of is that he knows the Third Imperial Prince. That being said, the two of them are definitely not friends.”


Feng Changqing’s brows were tightly knitted. At last, he cautioned, “With how familiar he is with the geography of the Compassionate Peace Palace, he must have hidden in there for a long time. He also intended to shoot you with that arrow, implying that he and the Empress Dowager may know one another. You should be careful while you’re in the palace in the future.”


Su Xi-er nodded. “I would be foolish to not be more cautious after having this person appear before me twice. In any case, you should return to the Prince Hao Residence after I bandage your wound; otherwise, Prince Hao will become suspicious if he finds you missing.”


“This subordinate obeys the order.”


At this moment, Hong Li entered the room with a basin of hot water and a handkerchief. When she saw the long and narrow eyes of Feng Changqing, Hong Li was stunned. This man’s eyes are so beautiful!


Feng Changqing could see the envy in her eyes. However, his expression softened when he realised that she had saved his life. “Many thanks for saving me, Miss.”


“Then will you clean the wound yourself, or do you want me to clean it for you?” Hong Li wet the handkerchief and wrung it dry while asking.

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