The palace maids outside immediately got up. Their legs were all numb after kneeling for so long, and were thus slow to enter. Once they did, however, they were all stunned at the mess that greeted them, which included a shattered teacup and a cracked redwood table.


Prince Hao must have lost his temper for such a thing to happen. Just the aftermath is enough to show how terrifying his expression must have been.


“Tidy things up right away!” Pei Yaran’s voice was full of fury.


The palace maids didn’t dare to be slow, immediately bending down to clear the mess.


The look in Pei Yaran’s eyes grew unfathomable. Pei Qianhao has already said such harsh words; if I continue to strike at Su Xi-er, he will not hesitate to ignore our relationship and social positions. Of this, I am certain, and I know his methods very well. 


I can’t believe that I would end up like this with him. I have always done everything for his sake, but he has thrown me aside for a lowly maidservant!


Pei Yaran’s heart ached more and more as she thought about this, with even her hand trembling as she raised it to support her forehead.


After a while, Pei Yaran remembered that Pei Anru still hadn’t returned from the Palace Side Quarters. Did she go to the wrong place? No, she couldn’t have. Then Pei Qianhao must have been there when she went to the Palace Side Quarters.


So where is Pei Anru?


At this moment, a eunuch frantically ran into the main hall. “Reporting to the Empress Dowager, Young Miss Anru was found unconscious on the side of the palace path. A guard has already brought her to the Compassionate Peace Palace, but her body is still cold. She needs to see an imperial physician.”


Pei Yaran’s brows furrowed. “Hurry to the Imperial Physician Institute.”


The eunuch bowed immediately. “This servant will head over right now.”


Pei Yaran’s clasped her hands tightly. Su Xi-er, we still have many days ahead of us. Pei Qianhao currently has his guard up against me, so I won’t do anything to you right now. However, you can be sure that this Empress Dowager will kill you with one shot in the future!


Pei Yaran then stood up and walked towards the room that Pei Anru was resting in.


When she entered the room, she touched Pei Anru’s forehead. It’s very hot, as if she has caught a cold.


“Servants, summon Lord Pei to enter the Compassionate Peace Palace and take Young Miss Anru away. She is ill, and can’t continue to stay in the palace.” Pei Yaran instructed a palace maid next to her.


The palace maid immediately went out and passed the message to a guard. The guard accepted the Empress Dowager’s order and swiftly left the palace for the Pei Residence.




Meanwhile, Su Xi-er was already back at the Palace Side Quarters, and was currently in her room after receiving a few instructions from Old Maidservant Liu. Eunuch Zhang had also returned to the Imperial Household Department.


Just as Su Xi-er was about to open the door of her room, she heard some sounds coming from down the walkway, and found Hong Li heading in her direction. Why is she looking so flustered?


Hong Li stopped in front of Su Xi-er before launching into her explanation. “I found a man in the backyard of the Palace Side Quarters. He is not a guard or a eunuch, but he was injured and I pitied him. I’ve put him in your room.”


There are other people who sleep in Hong Li’s room, otherwise, she wouldn’t have brought the man into my room.


Su Xi-er’s brows were knitted. Pei Qianhao always visits me without warning. If he suddenly finds a strange man in my room, it won’t end well.


Despite her thoughts, Su Xi-er’s expression didn’t change. She softly said, “Let’s go in and see.”


Hong Li nodded and followed Su Xi-er into the room.


A man in coarse clothes was sitting on a wooden stool. His right hand was held over his profusely bleeding left arm.


Su Xi-er walked closer. When she saw the grey veil on him, she was shocked. It’s Feng Changqing! Could it be that he was discovered by the Imperial Guard Army and attacked by a group of them? Otherwise, he wouldn’t be injured to such an extent with his skills!


“Hong Li, go and boil some water. I will wash his wounds.”


Hong Li nodded and walked towards the kitchen to boil some water.

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