“This Prince would know whether she is clean or not. Empress Dowager, why don’t you ask this Prince?”


His voice was deep and clear, but created an enormous wave in the hearts of others.


Pei Yaran stared at Su Xi-er with her hand raised high. “What a daring maidservant; to dare to openly seduce Prince Hao against the palace rules! This Empress Dowager must punish you!”


Pei Yaran immediately moved forward after she finished speaking, trying to slap Su Xi-er with her right hand. The latter easily dodged back and moved away.


At the same time, Pei Qianhao stretched out his hands and held Pei Yaran’s wrist. “Empress Dowager, although you are still young, you have been in the palace for more than three years. Please always remember to keep the deportment of an Empress Dowager.”


He then fiercely shook off Pei Yaran’s hand.


As he used a lot of force, Pei Yaran’s hand felt pain shooting up her hand. She stared at Pei Qianhao with a cold gaze and thought to herself. How could he treat me like this? Does he mean to say that the 10 years we’ve been together doesn’t even compare to the short time he has spent with Su Xi-er?


“Prince Hao, Su Xi-er seduced you, but prior to that, you didn’t take her in as your room concubine servant. She must receive harsh punishment for violating the palace rules. As the Empress Dowager, is it wrong for me to do things by the book?” 


Pei Qianhao replied in a composed manner. “Empress Dowager, you didn’t do anything wrong.”


Old Maidservant Zhao, Eunuch Zhang and Old Maidservant Liu were confused again. It sounds like Prince Hao has already done the deed with Su Xi-er already, but he’s still saying that the Empress Dowager isn’t wrong. What on earth is he trying to do?


As if answering their doubts, Pei Qianhao’s gaze suddenly became frigid. “She is this Prince’s woman, so her chastity naturally belongs to this Prince. This Prince hasn’t taken her virginity yet, so is there anyone who would dare to do so?”


Everyone understood now. Prince Hao hasn’t done the deed with Su Xi-er, but there is nobody who would dare to even try! Even if Su Xi-er isn’t examined right now, there’s no way that someone has taken her virginity. Pei Yaran took in a deep breath and turned her head to look at Su Xi-er, seeing that her expression was calm. It’s a massive honour for Pei Qianhao to treat her like that, but she doesn’t look proud or pleased at all. If he treated me like that, I would probably wake up laughing.


Suddenly, Pei Yaran felt that she was very pitiful. Something that I always thought was mine has been taken away, and by a lowly maidservant at that. What does Pei Qiahao see in her?! Her face? If I ruin Su Xi-er’s face, what else would she have?


It was like a lightbulb had lit in her head; she stared at Su Xi-er and chuckled. “How skillful; this Empress Dowager has never seen Prince Hao like this. If Prince Hao has made up his mind, this Empress Dowager will not examine her. It’s just that…” 


At this moment, Pei Yaran laughed. “We have known since ancient times that beauties bring calamities. This Empress Dowager can see that Su Xi-er’s appearance will steal the souls of many men, not just Prince Hao. Once they catch on, others will also try to get together with her. If she happens to lose her virginity to someone else because of that, Prince Hao will be cuckolded[1].”


“That day won’t happen. This Prince shall send you back to the main hall, Empress Dowager.” Pei Qianhao stretched out his hand and signalled for her to go in.


Pei Yaran sneered to herself. She sized up Su Xi-er once more before finally turning around to leave.


Before Pei Qianhao left, he looked at Su Xi-er. “Why are you still not returning to the Palace Side Quarters?”


Old Maidservant Liu understood and pulled Su Xi-er’s hand in the opposite direction. Su Xi-er watched as Pei Qianhao walked away, her brain filled with his words.


“She is this Prince’s woman, and her chastity belongs to this Prince.” His tone was so firm and full of confidence.

1. The original phrase means ‘wearing a green hat’, which refers to how the female makes a fool out of her partner by having an affair with someone.

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