“Old Maidservant Zhao, you don’t need to escort me in. I will go in by myself.” Su Xi-er was secretly hiding a few rocks in her sleeve that she had managed to pick up when Old Maidservant Zhao had been holding her down.


“Be my guest. It will save me the effort.” Old Maidservant Zhao stood still and stretched her hand out, signalling for Su xi-er to enter the hut by herself.


Su Xi-er nodded and walked in the direction of the hut. Just as her wrist twisted to hurl the rocks in her sleeve, she felt a chill run up her spine. Rapidly turning around, she caught sight of a soaring arrow that was aimed at her heart.


It’s the Heart-Penetrating Arrow again! Su Xi-er immediately ducked down to dodge, allowing the arrow to pass through her hair and embed itself in the pillar in front of the hut.


The scene had frightened everyone out of their wits. Pei Yaran widened her eyes, and Old Maidservant Zhao fell to her knees. I was right next to Su Xi-er, and could even hear it passing through her hair. Even now, I can practically feel the wind from when the arrow passed by my head!


Shortly after, sounds of weapons clashing together could be heard in the woods nearby. Eunuch Zhang immediately hollered, “Guards, catch the assassin!”


The two guards outside the hut immediately burst into action, with one going into the words, while the other headed to the front yard.


The trees started moving violently as the sound of weapons clashing grew louder and louder. By the time a group of guards arrived from the front yard though, all noise had ceased.


Pei Yaran quickly raised her hand. “Go into the woods to check.”


The big group of guards immediately went in. Pei Yaran stared at the woods next to the hut with her hands tightly clenched. The arrow was meant for Su Xi-er, but she managed to dodge it. It would’ve been great if she was shot dead! 


As for who was responsible for this attack, she had her guesses. It could only be him. He has failed in killing Su Xi-er previously, and now he has failed again. To miss his shots twice is unlike him.


Su Xi-er stood on the side calmly. The assailant in black from when I was at the deposed Empress’ repose palace also knew how to fire the Heart-Penetrating Arrow. Now, I have encountered it again at the Compassionate Peace Palace. Apart from Yun Ruofeng, who else knows how to shoot a Heart-Penetrating Arrow? Could they be related to the Empress Dowager?


Su Xi-er was lost in her thoughts, until a corpse was brought out by the guards who had entered the forest.


It was the body of the guard from Compassionate Peace Palace who had gone in ahead of everyone else. His eyes were wide open, and both the tendons from his arms and legs had been broken. It was a ghastly sight.


Everyone’s face darkened. There were already people fighting before that guard entered the forest. For them to have time to break his tendons... exactly how many of them were there?


At this moment, Eunuch Zhang stated, “Empress Dowager, it is not safe at the Compassionate Peace Palace. This old servant must report to the Imperial Guard Army Commander and ask them to send more guards.”


Pei Yaran nodded and looked at Su Xi-er. With this kind of incident, I won’t be able to punish Su Xi-er tonight.


When Su Xi-er noticed the Empress Dowager’s gaze, she bowed to pay her respects. “Empress Dowager, this servant suspects that the person who shot the arrow is someone that you secretly sent. That arrow was shot straight at this servant.”


A trace of fury flickered past Pei Yaran’s eyes. Even now, she is trying to take a bite at me! Even I don’t know for sure who that person was, but Su Xi-er dares to claim that they were sent by me!


“If this Empress Dowager wanted to punish you, I wouldn’t need to try to do it secretly.”


“But Empress Dowager, you’ve already tried several times to catch this servant at night,” Su Xi-er replied softly. Pei Yaran’s expression grew even worse.


At this moment, Old Maidservant Liu changed the topic. “Empress Dowager, this old servant will take Su Xi-er back to the Palace Side Quarters and properly punish her tonight for offending you. Please quell your anger. This course of action will hit two birds with one stone. Not only does it achieve your aim of punishing her, it also allows you to avoid breaking the palace rules.”


Just as Pei Yaran wanted to say something, a guard suddenly reported, “Empress Dowager, Prince Hao has entered the imperial palace, and is walking towards Compassionate Peace Palace now.”

Old Maidservant Liu was inwardly elated. Prince Hao is coming!

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