Old Maidservant Zhao immediately went to open the door before moving to the side, allowing everyone else to file out before she followed along.


“Imperial Physician Zhao, check carefully.” Pei Yaran sternly ordered, displaying the deportment of an empress dowager.


“This humble official understands.” Imperial Physician Zhao replied deferentially before turning around to ask Su Xi-er to raise her arm.


Imperial Physician Zhao’s brows soon furrowed before he flashed a meaningful look at Su Xi-er that only she could see. This wound is an old one from a few days ago.


Su Xi-er understood from Imperial Physician Zhao’s expression that he already knew. Checking is one thing, but saying it out loud is another.


“Imperial Physician Zhao, have you finished checking yet? This Empress Dowager doesn’t have time to waste. Is Su Xi-er’s wound an old one or a new one?” Pei Yaran’s voice was sharp, and the vicious look in her eyes was obvious to everyone.


Imperial Physician Zhao’s heart thumped against his chest. If I say that it is an old wound, Su Xi-er will definitely die. It’s obvious that the Empress Dowager is purposely making thing difficult for her, but should I tell the truth?


At this moment, Old Maidservant Liu voiced out. “Imperial Physician Zhao, the Empress Dowager has asked you a question about a palace maid of the Palace Side Quarters. If Su Xi-er really did offend the Empress Dowager, this old servant will properly apologise.”


Imperial Physician Zhao immediately understood that Old Maidservant Liu was on Su Xi-er’s side. She is the current Emperor’s wet nurse. Does that mean His Majesty would also protect Su Xi-er? Even if that isn’t the case, I can’t tell the truth when this is related to Prince Hao.


Thus, Imperial Physician Zhao cupped his hands together in respect before replying, “Empress Dowager, this humble official has examined the wound; it is fresh. The colour of the blood is bright and not dense.”


Pei Yaran’s expression instantly changed “Imperial Physician Zhao, are you sure you didn’t make a mistake? You won’t be able to shoulder the punishment for messing up.”


“This humble official wouldn’t make a mistake. Please don’t worry, Empress Dowager.”


Pei Yaran snorted to herself. How can I not worry? Saying the wound is new  isn’t that the same as saying that I injured Su Xi-er?! I will punish her tonight, regardless of how many rules I have to get through just to deal with a mere maidservant!


Hence, she raised her hand. “Maybe Old Maidservant Zhao accidentally used too much force when she pinched Su Xi-er, causing her arm to bleed. However, no matter how serious it is, it cannot match the strangulation mark on this Empress Dowager’s neck. Su Xi-er had offended me, and this cannot be tolerated.”


Suddenly, Su Xi-er, who had been quietly standing to the side, reasoned, “When this servant was struggling, I couldn’t control my hands and accidentally injured the Empress Dowager. This servant has no issues with being punished. However, I must return with Old Maidservant Liu and receive my punishment at the Palace Side Quarters.”


Unless the offence is too great, the palace rules in Beimin require the supervisor of each palace to punish their own palace maids. Old Maidservant Liu doesn’t work for the Empress Dowager. Otherwise, things will be easy for Pei Yaran.


Pei Yaran gave a cold snort. “This Empress Dowager orders Old Maidservant Liu to not get involved in this. Old Maidservant Zhao, take Su Xi-er into the room and continue to examine her body!”


Eunuch Zhang suddenly became serious. “Empress Dowager, if you insist on doing that, it will be violating the palace rules. After Su Xi-er has been punished, you also have to be punished according to the palace rules.”


Pei Yaran flung her sleeves. “Eunuch Zhang, you worry too much. Don’t forget how you became the Imperial Household Department’s supervisor.


Eunuch Zhang’s body froze when he heard those words come from Pei Yaran, leaving him only able to watch as Old Maidservant Zhao began to walk towards Su Xi-er.

Old Maidservant Liu was worried and shuffled forward to take a look. Didn’t Yuchi Mo go and report to Prince Hao? Why is no one here yet?

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