Despite the racing thoughts in his mind, Yuchi Mo still maintained his composure “Since the Empress Dowager is injured, you all should hurry to the Imperial Physician Institute.” Old Maidservant Liu and the guard nodded before swiftly leaving.


Yuchi Mo then immediately gave his subordinates instructions to keep patrolling around the imperial palace before leaving and jumping on his horse, rushing to inform Prince Hao of the news.


It was late at night, but Pei Qianhao was still awake in his study. When one of the other guards came to report that Yuchi Mo had something urgent to report to him, he put down the book in his hand. “Tell him to enter.”


Shortly after, Yuchi Mo walked into the study room and bowed before beginning to speak. “Reporting to Prince Hao, the Empress Dowager is detaining Su Xi-er in the Compassionate Peace Palace. Would you like to enter the palace to check on the situation?”


After Yuchi Mo finished his report, he observed Prince Hao carefully. He saw that his superior’s expression didn’t change, and even looked very calm. After a while, Prince Hao picked up the military book from his desk and continued to read it.


This… Is Prince Hao not going to save Su Xi-er?


“This Prince will not handle that; it’s up to her.” After the soft echo of Prince Hao’s voice faded away, the only things that could be heard were the turning pages of the book.


Yuchi Mo was stunned and took a while to come to his senses. “This subordinate understands.” Despite saying that, he was still confused as he returned to the imperial palace on horseback.


In the study, Pei Qianhao put down his military book and slightly knitted his brows. Su Xi-er is definitely not a person who would lose out, but what if… When this thought appeared in his mind, he couldn’t help but stand up and signal to a guard once he left the room.


“Prince Hao, do you have any instructions?”


“Immediately go to the imperial palace and hide yourself in the Compassionate Peace Palace. If you notice something awry, go and save Su Xi-er right away. If she’s fine, make sure you aren’t seen when you come back.”


The imperial bowed. “This subordinate obeys the order.” After that, he quickly disappeared from sight.


Pei Qianhao’s brows relaxed. Su Xi-er, if you had just listened to this Prince, you wouldn’t be stuck in the imperial palace dealing with an Imperial Harem dispute. However, this was your choice. How long will you last?


When the guard from the Prince Hao Residence left, Feng Changqing just happened to be passing by. He noticed that the guard was heading in the direction of the imperial palace. Did something happen to Su Xi-er? He immediately started running when he thought of this.


Feng Changqing’s legs were well trained, so he only arrived 15 minutes after the guard despite the latter being on a horse.


However, Feng Changqing quickly realised that he had a problem once he arrived at the palace. He only knew that Su Xi-er was working at the Palace Side Quarters, but he had no idea where his current location on. He could only eavesdrop on the palace maids and guards to slowly figure it out.


While he was doing this, Imperial Physician Zhao had already arrived at the hut in the Compassionate Peace Palace.




He had heard that the Empress Dowager had kept a secret torture room within her repose palace, but was still shocked by the multitude of torture instruments lining the walls.


“Imperial Physician Zhao, can you take a look for this Empress Dowager and check if the wound on Su Xi-er’s arm is old or new?”


When Imperial Physician Zhao heard that it was Su Xi-er, he thought, It’s her again? Why is she always in trouble? She offended the Empress Dowager again.


“Eunuch Zhang, we will know if that wound is old or inflicted by this Empress Dowager once Imperial Physician Zhao takes a look.” Pei Yaran’s eyes were filled with a bright glint. When the truth is out, Eunuch Zhang won’t be able to interfere in this anymore.


Eunuch Zhang cupped his hands together as he paid his respects, replying with an affirmative.


At this moment, Imperial Physician Zhao walked next to Su Xi-er. “Roll up your sleeve and let me check your wound.”


Su Xi-er slowly said, “My clothes are stuck on the wound. If I roll up my sleeve, it will tear it open. This servant will need to use some water to wash it first.”


Pei Yaran slammed her hand on the table. “This Empress Dowager doesn’t care if it hurts or not. Roll up your sleeve and let Imperial Physician Zhao check you right now.”


“Empress Dowager, this official can check without rolling up her sleeve, but it’s still difficult to see anything in the candlelight. Why don’t we go outside?”


Pei Yaran nodded and waved her hand. “Let’s go out of the room then.”

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