Pei Yaran calmed herself down, noticing Su Xi-er’s bleeding arm. Did Old Maidservant Zhao make her bleed with just a pinch? Even if she had used a lot of force, it would only be a bruise at most. This wound must have already been there.


An imperial physician would immediately see the difference between a new wound and an old wound, so Pei Yaran called out to the imperial guards outside the room. “Go to the Imperial Physician Institute and call for Imperial Physician Zhao.”


When the guards outside the room heard this, one of them immediately bowed and acknowledged the order. With Old Maidservant Liu unable to enter the room, she decided to follow the guard to prevent any collusion.


Inside the room, Old Maidservant Zhao stood on one side as she stared at Su Xi-er with an evil look. This maidservant is the most obstinate one that I have seen in all these years. The Empress Dowager can’t be the only enemy that she has made in the imperial palace.


“Eunuch Zhang, you must be tired from standing with how old you are. This Empress Dowager allows you to sit.” Pei Yaran slowly said as she pointed to a chair.


“This old servant is used to standing; many thanks for your kind intentions, Empress Dowager.” Eunuch Zhang bowed and replied deferentially.


Pei Yaran sneered to herself. So he still recognises that he is a servant, and shouldn’t forget his place. Yet despite that, he is still here to spoil my plans to punish Su Xi-er. It looks like the supervisor of the Imperial Household Department should be changed.


Su Xi-er stood ramrod straight without a single word. She made sure to be inconspicuous as she carefully observed Pei Yaran. It’s clear that she’s not calling an Imperial Physician over to bandage my wound. She knows that anyone who is skilled in medicine will immediately recognise an old injury from a new one.


However, Pei Yaran is specifically calling for Imperial Physician Zhao. Su Xi-er knew Imperial Physician Zhao’s personality. Although he is very stubborn, he is also an honest person who won’t harm anyone.


Everyone in the room was caught up in their own thoughts, leaving it silent enough to hear a pin drop.




Meanwhile, Old Maidservant Liu and the guard had nearly reached the Imperial Physician Institute. Along the way, they coincidentally bumped into the Imperial Army Commander, Yuchi Mo. He was patrolling the imperial palace with a few subordinates.


When Yuchi Mo saw that the guard and Old Maidservant Liu were walking in a hurry, he waved his hand immediately to stop the two.


The guard immediately bowed. “Paying respects to the Commander.”


“Old Maidservant Liu, it is past 1 am. Where are you going in a hurry?” Yuchi Mo knew Old Maidservant Liu. Before the late Emperor passed away, he doted on the current Emperor very much as it hadn’t been easy for the late Emperor to have a son at his old age. Old Maidservant Liu was the current Emperor’s wet nurse, and was thus treated very well.”


Old Maidservant Liu bowed deferentially. “This old servant just came from the Compassionate Peace Palace. I was instructed by the Empress Dowager to go to the Imperial Physician Institute.”


Yuchi Mo’s gaze was full of doubts. Old Maidservant Liu went to the Compassionate Peace Palace and even followed the Empress Dowager’s order?


The guard on the side explained immediately. “Commander, a maidservant rudely contradicted the Empress Dowager, and the latter was injured. She said to call for the Imperial Physician immediately.”


Yuchi Mo widened his eyes in astonishment. Since when was there such a daring servant in the imperial palace? The scheming and calculating Empress Dowager, who stepped on top of the corpses of countless consorts to achieve her current position, is now unable to handle a mere maidservant?


Old Maidservant Liu knew that Yuchi Mo was Prince Hao’s subordinate, and took the chance to add in, “The maidservant in question is under this old servant.”

Without her needing to even say a name Yuchi Mo immediately understood who she was talking about. If it’s a maidservant from the Palace Side Quarters, it must be the one that Prince Hao dotes on! The Empress Dowager must have made a move on Su Xi-er because of her jealousy; I must inform Prince Hao!

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