Su Xi-er gave some slack to the whip, allowing Pei Yaran to use this chance to gasp for a few breaths of air. However, the latter still didn’t dare to let down her guard for fear that Su Xi-er might actually strangle her to death. I don't know why, but my gut is telling me that Su Xi-er would really do it!


"It's this Empress Dowager business on how I want to manage the Imperial Harem, and nobody can interfere. If you kill this Empress Dowager, there is no way Prince Hao can save you even if he wants to!" Pei Yaran started to threaten Su Xi-er. No matter what, Su Xi-er can’t kill the Empress Dowager of a nation!


Su Xi-er naturally knew that. I am not stupid enough to throw my life away by strangling Pei Yaran to death. However, this must be a lesson that she will not forget! It’s unacceptable to simply bring a palace maid to a hut filled with torture instruments without any evidence.


"Of course this servant can’t do anything to you, Empress Dowager. It’s just that you ordered Old Maidservant Zhao to examine this servant’s body without any sort of reason. You seem to suspect this servant of immoral acts, but what evidence do you have?" Su Xi-er tightened the whip as she spoke softly, but every word she said was based on reasoning.


The tightening of the whip on Pei Yaran's neck caused her to struggle again. Her face had already turned red, and looked extremely appalling under the candlelight.


"Audacious servant! Release the Empress Dowager. You will be severely punished for leaving a mark on the Empress Dowager's neck." Old Maidservant Zhao hollered as she slowly inched forward, carefully watching Su Xi-er as she waited for an opening to save Pei Yaran.


Unfortunately for her, Su Xi-er saw through the plan with a single glance, and replied with a smile on her face. "Old Maidservant Zhao, this servant might be too frightened to control my grip if you take another step forward."


Right afterwards, Pei Yaran immediately gestured to Old Maidservant Zhao to take a few steps back and get the imperial guards outside the hut.


Old Maidservant Zhao understood, but as soon as she turned to exit, Su Xi-er tightened the whip around Pei Yaran’s neck until the latter almost fainted.


Looking at Pei Yaran, Old Maidservant Zhao didn't dare to take another step. She even slowed her breathing and began to think. Su Xi-er won't dare to really kill the Empress Dowager, so why don’t I try to take a risk and rescue her by myself?


At this thought, Old Maidservant Zhao's expression turned solemn as she rushed towards Su Xi-er, lifting a hand to press down on the latter’s shoulder.


However, how could Su Xi-er allow the situation to change so easily? Pivoting on one foot, Su Xi-er lifted the other to give Old Maidservant Zhao a hefty kick on her chest.


No matter how fat or thick Old Maidservant Zhao’s skin was, the chest was still the most tender part of a woman's body; being struck there was nearly the same as a man suffering a blow to his nether regions.


Old Maidservant Zhao's plump face twisted in pain as she involuntarily stumbled a few steps back, supporting herself with a hand on the table to avoid falling to the ground. This woman is too ruthless! The Empress Dowager’s situation is not looking good at all!


"Old Maidservant Zhao, save your energy. The Empress Dowager wishes to unfairly persecute this servant without any sort of evidence or reason, but I will not submit to such a thing. Even with her position, she still has to follow the national laws of Beimin." Su Xi-er placed emphasis on the words ‘national laws’.


Pei Yaran's heart palpitated in her chest. Everyone had to adhere to the national laws laid down by the founding Emperor of Beimin. Suspecting a palace maid and immediately dealing with her personally… Even as the Empress Dowager, I wouldn’t be able to get away scot-free if the Imperial Household Department decides to investigate.


Just then, the guard’s voice sounded from outside. "Empress Dowager, Eunuch Zhang from the Imperial Household Department and Old Maidservant Liu, the in-charge of the Palace Side Quarters, have come and are requesting to meet with you." 

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