If she’s lost her virginity, Pei Qianhao will say that he took it in order to save her. Once he says that, Su Xi-er will be thrown out. No matter what the reason, losing her virginity before being taken in by a noble is against the palace rules!


If she is still a virgin… Pei Yaran clenches her fists tightly. If she is still a virgin, I must make sure she isn't one anymore, and directly pierce through her hymen!


Old Maidservant Zhao folded her sleeves up to reveal her thick arms as she walked towards Su Xi-er.


Su Xi-er narrowed her eyes. I have seen how my father took in one consort after another after empress mother had died back in Nanzhao. I have also seen how their virginity was inspected, and the process was extremely… They were required to directly expose themselves to others.


If they met an unreasonable old maidservant and upset them, the old maidservant holding the test would purposely break their hymen and call them unclean!


"You'd do best to obediently lie down. Resisting will only cause you to suffer." Old Maidservant Zhao warned. If she resists, I will immediately knock her out in one blow.


Su Xi-er stood there, silent and expressionless; she was buying time for herself. As soon as Old Maidservant Zhao lifted her hand, Su Xi-er swiftly bent down to pick up the whip from the floor. She cracked it at Old Maidservant Zhao, but the latter didn’t even show any signs of pain as the weapon slapped against her.


Old Maidservant Zhao snorted and laughed at Su Xi-er for biting off more than she could chew. "It's the first time I’ve seen a woman as daring as you! With such behaviour, you can’t blame the Empress Dowager for punishing you! This is simply impudent!” She then swiftly made use of her large stature to force Su Xi-er into the corner.


Pei Yaran immediately shrieked, "Hold her down and quickly examine her! Her trying to escape must mean that she’s unclean!"


Su Xi-er's gaze turned to Pei Yaran before she flicked her wrist, sending the whip shooting past Old Maidservant Zhao and towards Pei Yaran.


With her skilled and agile movements, Su Xi-er soon had the whip wound around Pei Yaran’s neck. She tugged on it lightly, causing Pei Yaran to reach up for her neck as she gasped for breath.


"Lowly servant! How dare you attack this Empress Dowager!"


Su Xi-er knew she couldn't face Old Maidservant Zhao head-on, for the latter was too fat and sturdy; even more so than an adult man. However, she could restrain Pei Yaran and use her to threaten Old Maidservant Zhao to stall for time.


"Impudent! How dare you attack the Empress Dowager. That crime is enough to call for the nine familial exterminations[1] !" Old Maidservant Zhao halted in her tracks. She was afraid that any slightest mistake she made would cost Pei Yaran her life.


Su Xi-er smiled faintly as she tightened her grasp on the whip. Pei Yaran's face swiftly paled as a result. "Old Maidservant Zhao, to mete out the nine familial exterminations, that would require me to have nine groups of family members in the first place. It's been years since my parents have passed away, and this servant doesn’t even know where my relatives are. Where is this servant supposed to find any family to be annihilated?"


Su Xi-er then nimbly closed the gap between her and Pei Yaran as she continued. "Moreover, that kind of punishment isn’t something that you can decide, Old Maidservant Zhao. Only His Majesty can do so; are you telling me that the Empress Dowager wants to depose His Majesty?"


Old Maidservant Zhao trembled. Deposing His Majesty is not something that can be casually mentioned!


Pei Yaran continued to struggle. "This Empress Dowager has never thought of doing that… You… Let go of this Empress Dowager!"


"You were the one who brought this servant here to punish me with some groundless accusation. If even this isn’t considered a major issue, how can you continue to manage the Imperial Harem, Empress Dowager? Are there still laws in this imperial harem?" Su Xi-er knew Beimin well enough. Although its laws were stricter than Nanzhao’s when concerning the hierarchical system, they also placed more emphasis on justice and fairness. Nobles could enjoy their status, but they had to exercise self-restraint and discipline. Only then could the country’s citizens live in peace.

1. One of the most severe punishments for capital offences. As the name suggests, close and extended family members belonging to the nine categories of relation will also be executed. That’s almost tantamount to annihilating the whole clan. Here’s a Wikipedia page if you want to read more about it.

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