"Prince Hao, did you already know about this servant’s parents…? In the past, this servant..." Su Xi-er deliberately paused and carefully studied Pei Qianhao's eyes. When she saw his darkened gaze, she immediately understood that He Xiangyu’s earlier words were likely true.


To think that the original Su Xi-er had such an unfortunate life.


"Pei Yong will be beheaded at noon tomorrow. Leave the past behind, and don’t bring it up again." Pei Qianhao ran a hand through her hair as he spoke, hooking it behind her ear.


Before entering the palace, the owner of this body was really taken in by the Pei Family... It’s almost certain that the person who performed such an act was the father of that girl who barged into the Palace Side Quarters. However, the previous Su Xi-er was only a child who had yet to even experience her period yet. How could he have come onto her?


The more Su Xi-er thought about it, the deeper her thoughts went. Since this is now my body, the matters of its previous owner have naturally become mine as well.


Pei Qianhao watched Su Xi-er deep in thought, and misunderstood that she was upset about her past being brought up. Yet, what was he supposed to do? He had never comforted someone before, much less a woman. Thus, despite him trying to be consoling, his words came across completely wrong. "All he did before you entered the palace was touch your face, that’s all. Nothing big happened. When are you going to get over this incident?"


Only then did Su Xi-er know that Pei Yong had never come onto her before, and had merely caressed her face. He Xingyu’s words had given her the wrong impression.


Pei Qianhao suddenly realised that his words weren’t exactly comforting the moment they left his mouth. He could only tighten his arms around her and use his usual husky tone. "You don’t have to bring up what happened in the past anymore. Nobody will mind, unless you yourself are unable to forget about it."


With that, Pei Qianhao released his hold and lifted her chin, watching her expression.


After a long while, he let go of her chin, not kissing her or trying to do anything else. "Take care of the wound on your hand. From now on, you don't have to scrub the chamber pots anymore; someone else has been arranged to do that." Pei Qianhao then exited the room, his figure soon disappearing from Su Xi-er's sight.


Staring at the now closed doors, Su Xi-er was lost in her thoughts. Pei Qianhao is a man of action rather than words. He doesn’t speak much, but the things he does are for others are far more. Regardless of what he is dealing with, he stands by his principles.


Su Xi-er looked at the wound on her arm; the scab had already formed. I only have to wait for the scab to fall off before I can apply the Lingrui flower powder to it. Feng Changqing and Yu Xiao are probably with Prince Hao's men in the Prince Hao Residence now. Su Xi-er didn't know where Pei Qianhao had stationed them. She couldn’t speak for Yu Xiao, but she knew that Feng Changqing would definitely sneak into the palace to rendezvous with her.


An hour later, Su Xi-er was preparing to remove her outer garments and head to bed. Pei Qianhao has just left, and there's probably no one else who would disturb me tonight.


As soon as that thought appeared in her head, a loud commotion came from the courtyard.


"Servants, arrest Su Xi-er!" The voice was loud and piercing, giving away that it was Pei Yaran's.


Immediately after, two imperial guards kicked down the door to Su Xi-er’s room and barged in, preparing to seize her.


Su Xi-er couldn't count the number of times she had experienced this, easily dodging the arms of the burly guards and shooting them a composed look before walking out into the courtyard.


Her eyes scanned over Pei Yaran and the numerous guards before greeting Pei Yaran in a respectful tone. "Empress Dowager, what crime has this servant committed?"

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