Pei Anru trembled. Prince Hao is actually so cruel! Isn't he afraid that I will kneel here until morning and be found by the palace maids? Their suspicions would definitely be aroused, and I would be able to spread the news that Prince Hao was fooling around in the Palace Side Quarters after being seduced by Su Xi-er. If that happened, Su Xi-er would no longer be able to stay here!


Su Xi-er knew what was on Pei Anru's mind, but she didn't want to make a mountain out of a molehill. So what if the rumour is spread? When I was stationed in the Laundry Service Bureau, every palace maid there knew that Pei Qianhao had been in my room.


"Prince Hao, what crime did this person's father commit?" Su Xi-er's eyes were on Pei Anru, but her words were directed at Pei Qianhao.


Pei Anru was startled that Su Xi-er actually talked to Prince Hao in such a tone! Does she even have any respect for Prince Hao?!


Yet, Pei Qianhao's face didn't show any signs of being displeased, and he even answered nonchalantly, "Bribery, forcefully assaulting other women, and countless other crimes."


"If that’s the case, it seems like he really can't be spared. He probably hasn’t harmed you because he is your father, but he has harmed others and destroyed numerous families. It would be an injustice to everyone else if Prince Hao allowed your father to go free. Perhaps you weren’t aware, but you should at least understand that since your father committed such crimes, he should be prepared to pay the price with his life." Su Xi-er squatted down slowly so that her eyes were level with Pei Anru’s. The shimmer in Su Xi-er eyes suddenly struck terror in Pei Anru.


Pei Anru didn't understand why she was so terrified when Su Xi-er’s tone and gaze were both gentle. Perhaps it was the fact that she didn’t understand the many secrets hidden in those eyes that instilled such deep fear in her. She just didn’t know how to answer Su Xi-er’s bright eyes.


Su Xi-er smiled. "Judging from your appearance, you must not be of age yet. For the Pei Family to send such a young girl to the palace… are you sure that their purpose is to save your father? To me, it sounds like they’re just using you to seduce Prince Hao."


Pei Anru's eyes widened for a split second before she hastily looked towards Pei Qianhao. "Prince Hao, this official's daughter doesn't want to seduce you; please don't misunderstand. This official’s daughter only heard that you love beauties, causing me to do some bad things to you on the palace path just now."


Su Xi-er raised an eyebrow and looked at Pei Qianhao. Do some bad things?


The atmosphere in the room turned awkward as Pei Qianhao's face turned gloomier by the second. He turned his gaze onto Su Xi-er to realise that she was looking at him with a teasing smile, as though she was waiting for a drama to unfold.


In the end, Pei Qianhao's eyes were on Su Xi-er as he declared, "This Prince does like beauties indeed."


All of a sudden, Pei Anru was at a loss of what to say. I don't care what bad things daddy did. I only know that I am the only one trying hard to save him.


Pei Qianhao’s favouritism towards Su Xi-er was clear as day. Perhaps Pei Anru had looked down on the latter for being a lowly maidservant from the Palace Side Quarters before, but now… I have no other choice. My only chance is Su Xi-er putting in a good word or two!


Hence, she immediately beseeched Su Xi-er, "I beg you, please persuade Prince Hao."


Su Xi-er stood up. "Prince Hao is right, your father deserves his punishment. If he was to let your father off, it would be as good as holding the candle to the devil and helping your father to harm the people."


Pei Qianhao's gaze became unfathomable as he sat by the side. Suddenly, he walked to the entrance of the room and made a gesture. A guard completely covered in black appeared out of nowhere, acknowledging Prince Hao’s orders and proceeding to knock Pei Anru out before carrying her away.


Su Xi-er looked at Pei Qianhao and asked, "Prince Hao, when you were investigating this servant, did you also find out what happened to my parents?"


She didn't know what the original Su Xi-er had gone through, nor did she know the authenticity of He Xiangyu's last words. She had no other ways of investigating, and could only ask Pei Qianhao in the hopes of gaining some insight.


Pei Qianhao closed the room door, bringing Su Xi-er into his embrace as he enveloped her tightly with his broad shoulders. "Why bring up things that are in the past?"

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