This seems to be a familiar situation. I had treated him like this before, asking him to hide while I went out.


However, before she could open the door, Pei Qianhao pulled her out of the way and did it himself.


Pei Anru, who was standing outside the room, hadn't expected to see Pei Qianhao again tonight! I am here to look for Su Xi-er, but Prince Hao was the one who answered the door! For a man and woman to be alone in a room together so late at night, what else could they be doing?


Suddenly, Pei Yaran’s words made sense to her. Prince Hao ignored me because he was in a hurry to come see Su Xi-er. Prince Hao disregarded daddy's life because he only has eyes for a beautiful woman!


When Pei Anru saw Su Xi-er in greyish-yellow palace robes made of coarse cloth, she felt even more uncomfortable in her heart. Even I didn’t dare to hold hopes of seducing Prince Hao, but this woman whose status is so much lower than mine has actually managed to do so! Her hair is even undone; should I have come a moment later, perhaps even her clothes would be gone.


Pei Anru disregarded Pei Qianhao's presence and looked at Su Xi-er. "You are too shameless! Not only did you seduce Prince Hao, you also want to kill my father. As a palace maid whose parents are likely already dead, how can you understand my feelings?!"


Pei Anru berated Su Xi-er as tears threatened to fall from her eyes.


Su Xi-er looked at her with a perplexed expression. I can understand if she thinks that I seduced Pei Qianhao, but what does she mean when she says that I’m trying to kill her father? Who is her father in the first place?


"You called this servant shameless, but are you any better? Judging by your outfit, you should be a young miss from a noble family. Despite that, you are currently in the Palace Side Quarters so late at night, even being so rude and vulgar. This servant fails to see any sign of a noble lady on you. Moreover, what do this servant's parents have to do with you?" Su Xier’s words were spoken softly with a smile, but their venomous bite was worse than if she had yelled insulting remarks.


Pei Anru stared at her as she stood a step forward, but was blocked by an arm held in front of her. "Your father has committed a grave crime, and deserves his punishment. Whether he is a part of the Pei Family or not has no bearing on this decision."


Pei Anru's eyes shot wide open as she stared at the arm blocking her. He is going out of his way to protect Su Xi-er, even though I wouldn’t be able to harm her if I got close. To think that he would be so protective of her, going as far as to use such harsh words.


Am I really unable to save dad? Pei Anru had started to think that she was left with no choice but to watch her father die...


Pei Anru clenched her fists tightly as she looked up to look at Pei Qianhao, a tear forming at the corner of her eye. Other men might have been struck by sympathy if they saw something like this, but Pei Qianhao’s gaze only darkened.


"Get out." Pei Qianhao's frosty voice was distant.


Pei Anru could see the indifference in Pei Qianhao's eyes. She fell on her knees with a thud and implored, "If I lose my father, my mother and I will have no one to depend on. I don't have any brothers, and we would be ridiculed by all. We might even be kicked out of the Pei Residence. Prince Hao, I am begging you, I cannot lose my father."


Pei Anru lamented as she repeatedly kowtowed, knocking her head on the ground until a red mark appeared.


Su Xi-er walked forward. "Prince Hao, she will only become more agitated if this goes on. What if she continues to kneel here until you agree to her request?"


Pei Qianhao lowered his arm and replied icily, "Since she likes to be on her knees, she can continue to do so." He then looked at Pei Anru. "Continue to kneel outside the room."

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