Pei Anru tightened her fists. “This official’s daughter will go to the Palace Side Quarters now. Empress Dowager, please have a palace maid guide me there.”


Seeing how determined she looked, Pei Yaran waved her hand and called a palace maid over. “Take her to the Palace Side Quarters and immediately return. If you get held up for too long and get discovered, this Empress Dowager will not spare you.”


The palace maid’s heart skipped a beat before she nodded. “This servant understands.” After that, she turned around and stretched her hand out. “Young Miss Anru, please come with this servant.”


Pei Anru understood and started following the palace maid towards the Palace Side Quarters. The two walked very quickly, and soon disappeared from Pei Yaran’s view.


Things will definitely blow up now. No matter how Pei Qianhao reacts, he won’t be able to hide the news that he was at the Palace Side Quarters. When the court officials find out that the one who is currently controlling the politics of the court was found in such a place, they definitely won’t be pleased. With the Emperor’s young age, the Prince Regent represents the Emperor in politics. Someone with such influence must marry someone from a noble family. Even if it isn’t me, it can’t be a lowly maidservant like Su Xi-er!


When she thought of this, Pei Yaran’s eyes looked even more vicious. This Empress Dowager would have been willing to let you live if you had minded your own business; but Su Xi-er, you have thrown yourself onto the path to hell!




Meanwhile, Pei Qianhao was already inside the Palace Side Quarters. He walked down the familiar path to Su Xi-er’s room, but found that the door to her room was bolted shut when he tried to open it. None of the palace maids have the habit of bolting their doors; only a master would do so. These locks may as well be decorations for everyone else, but this little woman is trying to keep me away the moment she’s returned to the imperial palace.


How can that little door bolt block me? Pei Qianhao put his right hand against the door and applied some force, causing some banging noises to echo into the room itself.


Su Xi-er, who was half-lying on her bed and fully dressed, immediately got up and put on her shoes. “Who is it?”


However, the only answer she received was continued banging noises on the door. If I don’t open it, the noise will wake all the other palace maids up, including Old Maidservant Liu.


Sighing, Su Xi-er immediately began to walk towards the door. “Prince Hao, this servant knows that it’s you. Stop shaking the door.” She unlocked and slid the door open, revealing the cold and handsome face of Prince Hao.


Immediately, Pei Qianhao put his hand on Su Xi-er’s shoulder and walked into the room without talking.


Su Xi-er closed the door behind her before locking it again. She then turned and bowed. “Prince Hao, what do you need from this servant so late at night?”


“If you know that is it already late, why haven’t you undressed to sleep yet?” His gaze moved around Su Xi-er. It has only been a few hours but she’s already changed into that grey-yellow Palace Side Quarters uniform. Is she wearing that grey Chinese bodice again too?


“Prince Hao, this servant thought that with your personality, there’s a high chance you would be visiting. Because of this, this servant didn’t undress yet, and was just laying down to rest. And I was right, you did come.” Su Xi-er’s spoke in a measured tone, her expression respectful.


She made all kinds of daring moves back in Nanzhao, but now that we’ve returned to Beimin, she’s become a servant again. Is she pretending because I’m here, or is it because we’re in the imperial palace?


Pei Qianhao knitted his brows in displeasure. “Come here.”

Su Xi-er had heard these two words many times before. It’s late at night, and we’re a man and woman all alone in this room. If he tries to do something inappropriate, I won’t be able to defend myself either. I definitely can’t go over this time!

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