Looking at Pei Anru’s hopeful eyes, Pei Yaran lamented to herself. The bond between daughter and father sure is deep. To think that there is still familial love in the Pei family; shouldn’t it just be about using each other?


“Empress Dowager, please tell this official’s daughter what I need to do?” Pei Anru knelt on the ground and practically crawled towards Pei Yaran as she tugged on the hem of her dress.


Pei Yaran looked at her little hand and crushed her hopes with a wave of her hand to shake her off. “There is no way to save your father. Soon, this Empress Dowager will send you back to the Pei Residence to prepare for the funeral.”


“No, there must be a way. I only came to the palace to save my father!” Pei Anru remembered what her mother told her. Your dad’s life is in your hands. If you can make Prince Hao happy and get his affection after entering the imperial palace, there’s a chance that your dad can still be saved.


Yes, I need to make Prince Hao happy! Pei Anru looked at the Empress Dowager again. “Empress Dowager, you are Prince Hao’s younger sister, and have spent many years in the Pei Residence with him. You must know exactly what he likes. If I can please him, then dad’s life will be saved!”


“Pei Anru, it’s impossible for you to get Prince Hao’s affection. If you want to know why, just remember that it is because of Su Xi-er! She’s the culprit for your father’s plight!” Pei Yaran’s gaze was deep and unreadable, suffused with coldness as she stared at Pei Anru.


“Empress Dowager, who is Su Xi-er?” Pei Anru asked curiously. Just after she asked the question, a dagger flew into the room and landed on a pillar in the main hall.


Pei Yaran looked outside the main hall. It was already late at night, and she didn’t see any figures in the dark.


“Empress Dowager, there is a piece of paper wrapped around the handle of the knife.” Pei Anru’s eyes lit up as she pointed this out. Maybe someone from the Pei Residence has sent a secret letter to tell me how to save my father!


Pei Yaran immediately stood up to retrieve the paper; it only contained one sentence, but was enough for Pei Yaran to understand everything.


Pei Qianhao is in the Palace Side Quarters.


Pei Qianhao being in the Palace Side Quarters means that Su Xi-er is also there! To think that he would send her back there when he dotes on her so much!


“Empress Dowager, is it from the Pei Residence…”


Before she could finish, Pei Anru was silenced by Pei Yaran’s cold glare. The latter then held the paper up to the flame of a candle, watching it burn to cinders before she turned her gaze outside of the main hall.


If the person that sent the letter wasn’t from the Pei Residence, then who would it be? Pei Yaran’s brows furrowed as she suddenly had an idea. She walked out of the hall and called out, “If you are here, then why don’t you show yourself?”


There was only a deafening silence to answer her. Pei Yaran gave a wry smile. Always hidden in the Compassionate Peace Palace. Ever since I entered the imperial palace, this person has always helped me secretly, but sometimes they would ruin my plans too. Are they a friend or a foe?


“Empress Dowager…” Pei Anru appeared behind Pei Yaran again. Pei Yaran turned around with a malevolent expression. “The beauty beside Prince Hao is Su Xi-er. If she wasn’t around, then he might’ve noticed you; however, he only has eyes for her right now. You can blame her for your father’s death!”


Right now, Pei Yaran didn’t even know that Pei Yong’s past crimes had been against Su Xi-er. She was also unaware that it was because of Su Xi-er that Pei Qianhao had investigated Pei Yong in the first place.


Resolve flickered across Pei Anru’s eyes. “I will go and beg Su Xi-er. Empress Dowager, where is she?”

“The Palace Side Quarters,” Pei Yaran slowly replied. Maybe Pei Qianhao and that bitch are doing something inappropriate right now. Pei Anru interrupting would definitely throw a wrench in things. We may not be able to save Pei Yong, but Pei Anru being able to ruin things is enough for me. I can take my time dealing with Su Xi-er later, once Pei Qianhao is out of the imperial palace.

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