Xie Yun walked towards Pei Yaran’s side, his eyes giving nothing away as he raised the corner of his lips. It was hard to tell if he was mocking her, or if it was just an attempt at a casual smile. “Empress Dowager, this Prince is just reminding you that there are people and things that will never belong to you, no matter what.”


“What a joke; this Empress Dowager didn’t think that you would be the one to say this to me. Instead of being concerned about others, you should tell that to yourself first. Some things will never be yours no matter how hard you try, Commandery Prince Xie.” Pei Yaran’s eyes were full of mockery as she departed towards the Compassionate Peace Palace.


Xie Yun watched her retreating figure as she disappeared into the distance, the smile no longer present on his visage. He turned his gaze to the other side of the palace path. This is the fastest small path towards the Palace Side Quarters, but did Prince Hao really go there? An ordinary palace maid from the Palace Side Quarters who was able to charm Prince Hao… I must make a trip to meet a woman like that.


Pei Yaran hastened her footsteps and soon entered the Compassionate Peace Palace. When she stepped into the main hall, she instructed a palace maid, “Bring Pei Anru here.”


The palace maid bowed in acknowledgement. “This servant obeys the order.” After that, she quickly walked out of the main hall. Young Miss Anru has been led to a private room located at the side wing of the Compassionate Peace Palace.


Shortly after, Pei Anru was brought in by the palace maid. She hadn’t even started to prepare for bed, and had clearly been waiting for Pei Yaran this entire time. Empress Dowager will definitely do something to save daddy. She must be calling me over to tell me the plan!


Pei Yaran dismissed all the palace maids. “All of you, withdraw.”


When Pei Anru saw that all the palace maids had retreated from the main hall, she was even more certain that the Empress Dowager was actually protecting her. Prince Hao rejected me, but the Empress Dowager must have only scolded me because he was around. I just want to know how to save daddy!


Pei Anru’s face was full of hope. “Empress Dowager, did you think of a way to rescue daddy?”


Pei Yaran’s gaze was vicious and frosty. Her voice became louder and higher, and her face was solemn. “Kneel, you shameless woman!”


Pei Anru stepped back in fear as her eyes widened. She was baffled. Why is the Empress Dowager so serious and angry? 


Finally, she couldn’t handle the oppressive air of authority exuding from Pei Yaran anymore and knelt with a thud. “Empress Dowager, did this official’s daughter do something wrong?”


“Do something wrong?” Pei Yaran laughed and stood up from her seat, stopping a meter away from Pei Anru. “If you had the courage to try to seduce Prince Hao, why are you acting like a terrified little mouse in front of this Empress Dowager?”


What a pretentious person she is! Pei Yaran suspected that people from the Pei Family had told her to use new tricks to attract Prince Hao’s attention before she entered the imperial palace, resulting in her abnormally bold actions. Didn’t Su Xi-er manage to seduce Prince Hao with the same tactics by being daring?


Pei Anru raised her head with tears brimming in her eyes, not daring to let them fall. “Empress Dowager, it was only because this official’s daughter didn’t want to lose my father that I dared to beseech Prince Hao. This official’s daughter is just a child from the Pei Family’s side branch. With his position, how could someone like me without any status dare to seduce him on purpose?”


Pei Yaran’s voice lowered, her gaze sceptical. “Is that so?” The Pei Family must have made it clear that her purpose in coming here was to get Pei Qianhao’s attention, and now she’s saying that she doesn’t want to? It’s useless to try to trick me with such a laughable excuse and her pitiful act!


“Empress Dowager, this official’s daughter just wants to save my father. What should I do? Do you have a way? Even if I have to put my life on the line, I still want to try.”

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