“This Prince has no patience.” It was the same deep and low voice, but his tone became even colder. Pei Anru could practically feel the atmosphere pressing down on her.


Pei Anru pressed her lips together and walked out from behind the big tree before bowing to Pei Qianhao. “This official’s daughter, Pei Anru, pays her respects to Prince Hao.”


She had been learning palace etiquette for a long time, but now that she was actually facing Pei Qianhao, the tension was making it hard for her to even breathe properly.


“This Prince knows that you are called Pei Anru,” Pei Qianhao stated coldly. A cold glint flickered across his eyes before he turned on his heel and began to leave.


I don’t have time to waste with her.


Pei Anru was shocked. I haven’t had a chance to say anything yet, but Prince Hao is already leaving! She immediately tried to follow him with an anxious look on her face.


However, Pei Qianhao’s quick pace proved too much for Pei Anru to keep up with. She was too nervous, failing to pay attention to her own movements as she tripped and fell, causing her face to be covered with spots of dirt.


“Prince Hao, I beg of you to please let my dad go!” Pei Anru’s voice was filled with angst, crying out, still struggling to get to her feet despite her scraped elbow.


“Prince Hao, I am begging you!” Pei Anru ignored the pain and stood up. She used all her strength to run forward.


Finally, the tall figure in front of her stopped. Pei Anru saw a trace of hope and ran forward with a hopeful look. “Prince Hao, I beg you to let my dad off. Although my dad made a mistake, he shouldn’t die for that crime! Please, I won’t have a father anymore if he’s gone.”


Pei Qianhao’s dark eyes stared at her. The originally gentle shine of the moon appeared desolate when it reflected off of his clothes.


“Pei Yong had committed a huge crime; he must be beheaded according to the law.” His tone allowed for no concessions.


Pei Anru’s body trembled and knelt down immediately. “I am his daughter, and I will do anything to pay for his crimes. Prince Hao, as someone from the Pei family, why are you not showing some mercy?”


“It is because this Prince is from the Pei Family that I must deal with this impartially. I can’t let anyone have anything on me.” With that, Pei Qianhao turned to walk away again.


Pei Anru felt the hope draining from her body, and could only raise a hand to daringly tug the hem of Pei Qianhao’s robe, using her other hand to pull down her own dress and reveal her fair shoulder. “Prince Hao, I am willing to serve you as a lowly concubine. I don’t care what I have to do; I am just imploring you to spare my dad.” 


Her lips pressed together tightly, the tears in her eyes making her appear pitiful. When she saw that Prince Hao didn’t respond, she thought that he had agreed.


Everyone says that Prince Hao loves beauties, and my appearance isn’t bad at all. Although I am not an adult yet, I already have the charming looks of a grown woman.


Pei Anru’s hand moved again, loosening the strings of her Chinese bodice and showing a hint of the soft areas on her body. “Prince Hao, I won’t have any complaints, however you treat me. I am willing to be your woman, either as your concubine or room concubine servant. Even if I have no status at all, I don’t mind.”


After she finished talking, Pei Anru’s hand was suddenly pushed to the ground. Her hairpin immediately slipped off, and her arms were scraped again as she slammed into the ground.


“Even if you are stripped bare, this Prince is still not interested. This Prince must have your father’s life. Go back and tell Pei Zheng to forget about it.” His voice was icy cold, and his gaze was like shredded ice that froze Pei Anru from the inside out.


I didn’t care about my reputation or my virtue, bending my knees and lowering myself to such an extent. Yet, this man is still icy cold with his words. To not be interested even if I was stripped bare, is he still a man?

Pei Anru’s tears flowed down her face, but she didn’t make any sound. Is it really impossible to save dad?

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