Pei Qianhao swirled the wine cup in his hand before putting it down. His cold gaze shifted between Pei Yaran and Pei Zheng before he replied, “Lord Pei, this Prince will naturally visit the Compassionate Peace Palace when I have time. You don’t have to worry.”


Pei Qianhao still gave Pei Zheng some face in front of everyone else.


Sitting opposite of him, Xie Yun caught Pei Anru’s lips moving. It was like she wanted to say something, but didn’t dare to. Pei Anru’s father is Pei Yong, who is currently awaiting execution in prison.


In the end, Xie Yun simply pretended like he had seen nothing and continued to enjoy his wine.


Everyone quieted down after the initial flurry of activity, with most only raising their cups to offer their toast as a form of respect. After two hours, Pei Qianhao put down the chopsticks from his hand and stood up. He cupped his hands together to pay his respects to the Emperor. “It is late, this official will return to my residence to rest.”


Situ Lin nodded and waved his little hand. “Imperial Uncle, if you are tired, you should quickly go back to your residence to rest up.”


Pei Qianhao nodded, then proceeded to leave the Imperial Garden without so much as a glance at anyone else.


With Pei Qianhao gone, it was left to Xie Yun to make a brief speech before everyone adjourned for the night.


Situ Li was in a cyan robe tonight instead of his usual white clothes, making him look a bit warmer through his cold aura. 


Consort Dowager Guo suddenly turned to Situ Li. “Third Imperial Prince, will you still be staying outside of the palace tonight?”


Situ Li nodded and replied indifferently, “Yes.”


“Third Imperial Prince, you are still an imperial prince the late Emperor doted on. Now that you have returned to the capital from that remote county, you should live in the palace. If you keep staying outside of the imperial palace, the late Emperor will be disappointed.” Consort Dowager Guo said slowly as her eyes flickered to Pei Yaran, turning on her heel and walking towards her repose palace.


Consort Dowager Guo was the late Emperor’s first consort, and bore his second son for him. However, her son wasn’t transferred to a remote county; he had volunteered to go there.


Consort Dowager Guo couldn’t do anything about it. Her son liked to be free and unrestrained; he had disliked the stone walls of the imperial palace from a young age, always wanting to leave. After the late Emperor passed away, and the Pei family came into power, her son immediately requested to leave for to a remote county.


Situ Li watched as Consort Dowager Guo gradually walked away. He knew that Consort Dowager Guo was missing his Second Imperial Elder Brother. It’s ironic really. My Second Imperial Brother refuses to return home to visit his imperial mother, despite being 30 years old already. Meanwhile, I am constantly missing my own imperial mother, who is already gone.


Just as he became lost in his thoughts, Situ Li felt someone tap his shoulder. He turned his head and saw Commandery Prince Xie.


Xie Yun’s voice was soft. “Just stay in the imperial palace tonight, and visit the Consort Dowager Palace more.” After that, he walked out of the Imperial Garden.


Pei Yaran walked together with Situ Lin. After sending him back to his repose palace, she returned to the Compassionate Peace Palace.


When Pei Yaran turned around, she noticed that Pei Anru had disappeared. Her brows immediately furrowed. Where did she run off to? What a troublesome girl.


Anru had secretly left Pei Yaran and followed Pei Qianhao. She made small steps, and made sure to control her breathing until they reached a small and narrow palace path. He suddenly halted in his tracks, which made Pei Anru tremble and hide behind a big tree.

“Come out.” Pei Anru’s breath couldn’t help but catch in her throat when she heard Pei Qianhao call out. Have I been discovered?

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