"Are you afraid now? We came from the same rural village, and I know everything about you! Your mother hooked up with other men, and your father caught them red-handed. In the end, both of them died during their brawl! This incident stirred a commotion in the entire village. Everyone knows that your family background is even worse than mine, but you still dream of getting close to Prince Hao!" He Xiangyu was whispering, but she didn’t know that the current Su Xi-er couldn’t even remember if the former’s words were true or not.


However, she was clear on one thing. Pei Qianhao must have looked into my background already. I will know for sure once I question him about these facts.


He Xiangyu continued to laugh as she took a few steps back and lifted a finger to point at Su Xi-er. "I, He Xiangyu, curse you to never know peace, to be betrayed and abandoned by everyone in this life, and the next!" She then made an agonising cry and ran headfirst into the wall beside them.


Blood splattered everywhere as He Xiangyu immediately collapsed to the ground, showing no signs of breathing.


It was a bad omen for someone to commit suicide by running headfirst into the wall of the Prince Hao Residence. Wu Ling looked at the pool of blood on the ground and furrowed his brows. Finally, he ordered his subordinate to take He Xiangyu's corpse away and clean up the area. Prince Hao can’t be allowed to find out about this incident.


The subordinate immediately bowed to acknowledge the order before swiftly running off to fulfil his duties.


Wu Ling gestured at Su Xi-er. "Please board the carriage."


Su Xi-er nodded expressionlessly and boarded the horse carriage. Hong Li and Ruo Yuan, however, were left haunted by He Xiangyu’s curse and horrific death.


The appearance of He Xiangyu had delayed them, and they arrived an hour later than the original arranged time. Old Maidservant Liu had been anxiously waiting for them at the imperial palace's side gate.


Old Maidservant Liu only felt at ease when she heard the sound of the horse carriage. She opened the palace door and immediately saw Su Xi-er, Ruo Yuan, and Hong Li stepping down.


Wu Ling gave a slight nod to Old Maidservant Liu before he jumped back onto the horse carriage and drove off into the night.


Under the moonlight, Old Maidservant Liu carefully studied Su Xi-er, feeling that she was more charming and beautiful than before.


"Old Maidservant Liu, let's quickly return to the Palace Side Quarters." Su Xi-er had already started to walk ahead.


Old Maidservant Liu swiftly closed the palace gates and followed after Su Xi-er.


The four of them headed towards the Palace Side Quarters on the most remote path possible. This path fell right alongside the repose palace of the deposed former Empress. The palace itself was dreary, having fallen to disrepair after it had been abandoned. Weeds were overgrowing everywhere, and whatever leaves had fallen from the trees were yellow and dying.


Meanwhile, Old Maidservant Liu already had all maidservants in the Palace Side Quarters retire to their rooms for the evening.


Ruo Yuan and Hong Li also returned to their rooms, while only Old Maidservant Liu continued to follow Su Xi-er into the latter’s room.


The moment they entered the room, Old Maidservant Liu informed, "The Empress Dowager ordered for her niece, Pei Anru, to enter the palace today. Pei Anru will be serving the Empress Dowager tonight during the imperial palace's night banquet"


Su Xi-er unbundled her baggage and began to organise them in the cupboards before remarking, "He Ying left, and Pei Anru has come. The only difference is that Pei Anru is her niece, and probably can't be her head palace maid."


"I have the same sentiments. If Pei Anru is not going to be her head palace maid, what does she plan to do by entering the place?


Su Xi-er smiled. "To help the Empress Dowager of course. Even if Lord Pei was the one who raised Prince Hao, there’s no way that he can control the powerful and influential Prince Hao anymore. The only way is to send a woman from the Pei Family to get close to Prince Hao, seduce him, and become Princess Consort Hao. Only then can the Pei Family remain in their current position."


Old Maidservant Liu nodded, but then commented, "Prince Hao dotes on you very much; Pei Anru won't be able to seduce him."


"You never know if something big might happen tonight. Women have many tricks up their sleeves after all." Su Xi-er stated slowly. She was well aware that no matter how many tricks or schemes a woman had, Pei Qianhao wasn’t someone who would be duped so easily.

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