“This Prince will send you back to the Palace Side Quarters today. I will give you some time to think, but this Prince is not very patient, so you should decide quickly. Your white jade pearl and red Chinese bodice have already been packed together with some Lingrui flower powder.”


When Su Xi-er heard this, she immediately replied, “Many thanks to Prince Hao.”


“The Lingrui flower powder can be used to perfume the body. You also won’t need to scrub the chamber pots when you return to the Palace Side Quarters. This Prince doesn’t want to hug a smelly person.” Pei Qianhao got up from the stone stool.


Su Xi-er didn’t say anything, but she clearly remembered when he had appeared at the Palace Side Quarters after she had brought a bunch of chamber pots to the well. He had even ordered me to kiss him until he was satisfied back then.


Why didn’t he say that I smelled bad back then?


“When the time comes, Wu Ling will send you back to the Palace Side Quarters.” With that, Pei Qianhao left the backyard without another word and another glance. I will give her time to think it over, but if she reaches my bottom line, I’ll kidnap her here whether she is willing or not.


After Pei Qianhao left, Su Xi-er stayed in the backyard for an hour before Ruo Yuan and Hong Li returned. They dragged her to the kitchen to enjoy one last fine meal before leaving the Prince Hao Residence.


The cooks put a few dishes and a bowl of rice on the table before walking out of the room.


Ruo Yuan was absolutely elated. When Hong Li saw her expression, she joked, “Who was the one that said they would eat less and exercise more to try and slim down?”


Ruo Yuan’s chubby little hand knocked the top of the table. “This is the last time; I will eat less after this.”


At this moment, the voice of a man could be heard. It was Wu Ling. “It doesn’t matter if a woman is fat or thin, as long as they are healthy. In fact, you should eat more since you won’t be able to get such great food once you return to the Palace Side Quarters.”


Ruo Yuan’s ears became red again. She didn’t dare to look at Wu Ling, only feeling as if her heart was beating out of her chest.


Wu Ling noticed that she was embarrassed, but he didn’t understand why. He only continued to look at Ruo Yuan puzzledly while trying to figure it out, causing her to become even more nervous.


Su Xi-er stepped in. “Commander Wu, many thanks for your kindness. However, Ruo Yuan wants to find ways to slim down because she wants to become more beautiful after returning to the Palace Side Quarters.”


Commander Wu nodded and stopped looking at Ruo Yuan. “We will be departing for the Palace Side Quarters at 5 pm this afternoon. Your belongings have already been bundled up in your rooms, so be sure to bring everything with you later. We’ll meet at the back of the residence, and enter the Palace Side Quarters through the side gate. Old Maidservant Liu will be waiting for you there.”


Ruo Yuan only dared to raise her head to stare at Wu Ling’s back after he had left the room. 


Hong Li shook her head. “You don’t dare to look when he’s around, and it’s already too late by the time you do. Once we return to the Palace Side Quarters, you will have even fewer chances to see Commander Wu.”


Ruo Yuan felt a bit sad when she heard this, but returned to normal very quickly. “You don’t need to worry about me; I’m satisfied just being able to watch him. I won’t hope for anything else. Su Xi-er, Hong Li, let’s quickly eat until we’re full so that we can hit the road[1].”


After that, Ruo Yuan started to eat, not realising the double meaning behind her words.


Hong Li shook her head and then picked up her chopsticks before starting to eat as well. 


They took a stroll around the backyard after they finished their meal; once 5 pm arrived, Wu Ling’s men came by to pick them up.


However, Su Xi-er didn’t expect to see someone else standing at the back gate of the Prince Hao Residence.

1. In Chinese, ‘hit the road’ can also mean ‘to die’

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“This is the last time; I will eat less after this.”

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once 5 pm arrived, Wu Ling’s men came by to pick them up.

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