Su Xi-er’s eyes curved with her smiling visage as she raised her hand to pinch Ruo Yuan’s face. “I haven’t seen you for so long, and now you have a glib tongue. Your skin is getting better too; It feels like I can see water when I pinch your face.”


Hong Li was the first to notice her liveliness and playfulness. Su Xi-er is much less reserved now. Is this all because of Prince Hao?


Ruo Yuan turned her chubby head to the side. “Don’t keep on pinching me, otherwise my face will get even bigger. I have already decided to eat less in the future, and try to slim down as well. Then maybe...” Ruo Yuan stopped talking, her face turning a bright red as she became embarrassed.


Su Xi-er blinked on purpose and gave Hong Li a confused look. “What’s wrong with Ruo Yuan? I am not a man, so why is she appearing so embarrassed in front of me?”


Hong Li didn’t try to save any face for her colleague and laughed loudly. “It’s naturally because she has fallen for someone. However, the person that she fell for has a great status, along with a corresponding amount of influence. If she doesn’t become a beauty, it will definitely not work out.”


At this moment, Hong Li thought to herself. Even if she slims down and becomes beautiful, her chance of success is still low. She is just a maidservant from the Palace Side Quarters, and not everyone can have Su Xi-er’s luck.


Su Xi-er went close to Ruo Yuan. “Who did you fall for? Tell me; even if our status is low, it doesn’t mean that we can’t dream, right?”


Ruo Yuan looked at Su Xi-er for a long time before finally opening her mouth. “Commander… Wu. He gave me a lot of good food, and he even told me that my larger body size would allow me to be stronger and do better work than those thin people who faint in a second. It was the first time a man had said something like that to me, so I…”


Her ears flushed red again. Su Xi-er could tell that Ruo Yuan had fallen in love. However, it’s just as Hong Li says. Commander Wu has a great status, and power to match. If Ruo Yuan likes him, we can only see what fate holds.


“I don’t expect to have a relationship with him. It’s fine if I can just keep my feelings a secret and admire him from afar,” Ruo Yuan muttered softly. Loving a person doesn’t mean that I must have him. I know my position, and my feelings are pure. I can just keep these feelings to myself.


Su Xi-er looked at Ruo Yuan’s smiling eyes that were pure and honest. Still, I can’t believe that she was able to say something like that. Not many people can have that mentality about life, no matter if the thing concerned is a person or an object. Otherwise, the world would be a much different place.


“Alright, let’s not talk about this. Su Xi-er, will you stay at the Prince Hao Residence from now on?” Hong Li’s expression suddenly became serious. If Su Xi-er stays here, then Ruo Yuan and I may not be able to continue staying with her.


Su Xi-er shook her head. “I won’t stay at the Prince Hao Residence. Haven’t you noticed that there are no other women at this residence? It’s all men here.”


“We noticed that when we arrived yesterday! There aren’t any maidservants around; it’s all men!” Ruo Yuan vigorously nodded with astonishment in her voice. Men may not be as meticulous as women when they do things, and there’s not even a single woman in this big residence! Even the cook is a man!


Su Xi-er continued. “If that’s the case, then a woman who officially enters the Prince Hao Residence can only be Princess Consort Hao. Do you think I can stay?”


With just a simple sentence, Hong Li understood what Su Xi-er meant. Princess Consort Hao must be someone from a noble background. If Su Xi-er stays here without the title of Princess Consort Hao, she will only attract the envy of others.


However, Ruo Yuan didn’t understand. “Why can’t you stay? Can’t you become Princess Consort Hao? As long as Prince Hao likes you, why care about all of these formalities?”

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