Apart from court officials, Pei Yaran was also there. She stood next to Situ Lin and stared ahead into the distance. Let’s see how he will get off his carriage with Su Xi-er in front of all the court officials! According to the customs of Beimin, anyone who attends the state banquet of another nation must first report to the imperial palace once they return. This is so that they can report to the court officials to make comparisons with other countries, and decide if anything needs to be improved in Beimin.


However, Prince Hao’s horse carriage had yet to make its appearance even after an hour had passed. Situ Lin tightened his fists together as his legs were already numb. When will Imperial Uncle arrive?


Pei Yaran’s eyebrows were slightly scrunched up before returning to normal. I must keep the disposition of an empress dowager in front of everyone. No matter how anxious I am, I still need to look like I am waiting patiently.


It was only after another fifteen minutes had passed that an imperial guard from the Prince Hao Residence arrived.


The guard got off the horse and bowed to the gathered crowd to pay his respects before approaching the young emperor and bowing again. “Reporting to Your Majesty, Prince Hao had an urgent matter to take care of, so he has already returned to his residence first. He will enter the imperial palace tonight for the palace banquet.”


With Situ Lin still too young to care too much about rules, he only waved his hand after hearing the report. “No problem, this Emperor understands that Imperial Uncle is tired and wants to return to his residence and rest. It’s fine as long as Imperial Uncle can attend tonight’s banquet.”


“Many thanks, Your Majesty.” The imperial guard replied deferentially before remounting his horse and galloping off towards the Prince Hao residence.


Situ Lin smiled and said to all the court officials. “This Emperor will return to the palace; you should all return to your residences.” After that, he turned on his heel and ignored the expressions on the officials’ faces.


His legs were numb after standing for so long, and he could only walk back slowly.


Pei Yaran sneered to herself, a trace of coldness in her eyes. Lord Pei, who was standing on her side, also had his expression darkened. Reporting to the imperial palace should be his first priority after returning from Nanzhao, no matter what other matter he has to take care of. To just return to the Prince Hao Residence instead… Is he saying that he doesn’t have to care because he’s so powerful, or is he just too used to being too unrestrained?!


Situ Lin saw that the Empress Dowager was still frozen still, but didn’t mind it as he walked off.


Shortly after, Pei Yaran turned around and walked towards the Compassionate Peace Palace. Her fists were tightened into fists under her sleeves. Did Pei Qianhao suddenly go to the Prince Hao Residence for Su Xi-er? Did he dissolve the Beauty Palace because he is going to take Su Xi-er into the Prince Hao Residence? If that is true, then this is a serious matter!


All the court officials apart from Pei Zheng returned to their residences; he instead followed behind Pei Yaran as she returned to the Compassionate Peace Palace.


Pei Yaran understood and instructed the palace maids and eunuchs to withdraw until just Pei Zheng and herself were left in the main hall.


“Father, Prince Hao is very powerful right now. No matter what you say to your daughter, there is nothing that I can do.” Pei Yaran sat on the upper seat without any expression on her face, but the tone of her voice made it clear that she was expecting him to leave.


Pei Zheng wasn’t like his wife who visited the Compassionate Peace Palace often. The reason that I am here today is to make it clear that my daughter is from the Pei family, and should look out for the Pei family.


Therefore, he showed the solemn expression that a father would use towards their daughter. “I don’t know if the rumour is true or not, but the woman by Pei Qianhao’s side must be from the Pei family.”


Pei Yaran gave a cold snort and put down the teapot heavily. “Father, which woman from the Pei family do you want to put near Pei Qianhao? Pei Anru? Did you even think if Pei Qianhao would accept her after her father, Pei Yong, has already been arrested?”


Pei Zheng could hear the sourness in his daughter’s words, so he quickly cut to the chase. “No matter who it is, it won’t be you. After securing the position of Empress Dowager, you should just maintain your status. Pei Yong was disappointing, but Anru is obedient and sensible, on top of being decent looking. I will take her to tonight’s banquet, and you should sit her close to Pei Qianhao.”


“Father, what if I don’t agree?”


Pei Zheng’s eyebrows furrowed. “Pei Qianhao thinks less and less for the Pei family now. It’s a waste to have raised him for so many years. Do you really want to see the Pei family collapse? What good will it do you if our family falls?”

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