Who could’ve known that the Beauty Palace was just a front that Pei Qianhao would barely pay attention to? I didn’t understand Pei Qianhao back then, nor did he ever give me a chance to understand him. Considering that he has never visited the Beauty Palace, why did he set it up with great fanfare back then? What on earth goes on in Prince Hao’s brain? Tan Ge didn’t understand, nor would she get the chance to do so. 


I waited there day after day, month after month, until two years had passed. Then, all of a sudden, the Beauty Palace was dissolved. She was briefly stunned, but then realised that she hadn’t been able to live her life for the entire time that she was there, lamenting that she had lost sight of who she was.


Eight years of my life had been dedicated to Prince Hao, yet that cold and aloof man doesn’t even know that I exist. However, the rumours flying around suggest that he isn’t actually that cold. It’s simply that all the warmth in his heart is reserved for another woman.


Most of those women from the Beauty Palace harbour much resentment in their hearts, especially He Xiangyu. Tan Ge remembered back when she almost started openly swearing at Commander Wu. So many women have become crazy because of Prince Hao, but at least I have remained rational.


Tan Ge raised her head to look at the blue sky and felt the burden of numerous years lift from her shoulders.


“Young Miss.” The maidservant pulled her sleeve with a confused look. Why is Young Miss looking so relaxed after being chased out?


“I am simply happy to be able to live for myself from now on. Whoever Prince Hao likes and whatever he wants to do is his own business.” Tan Ge smiled and started to walk off.


A wide and luxurious horse carriage led by two burgundy red steeds was sitting on the corner of the street, the cyan tassels swinging gently in the wind as the owner happened to overhear Tan Ge’s words.


“Commandery Prince, Prince Hao has returned to the imperial palace. Will you enter the palace for tonight’s palace banquet?” the imperial guard asked deferentially.


The clear voice of a man could be heard from inside the horse carriage shortly after. “This Prince hasn’t made an appearance for a few days, so I’ll definitely be there tonight.”


Xie Yun lifted up the curtain of the horse carriage immediately and pointed at Tan Ge, who was walking ahead. “Have someone quietly follow her and report to the Tan Residence if anything dangerous happens.”


The imperial guard didn’t understand. Commandery Prince Xie is cold to everyone; why is he suddenly ordering someone to follow Young Miss Tan?


“Return to the Commandery Prince Residence.”


Xie Yun’s clear voice broke the guard from his stupor, prompting him to immediately bow before cracking his whip and driving the carriage in the direction of the Commandery Prince Residence. Before he left, the guard took another look at Tan Ge, and saw her entering the embroidery house.


The news that Prince Hao had returned to Beimin had already spread throughout the court, prompting numerous officials to wait for him by the entrance of the imperial palace.


The little emperor of Beimin, Situ Lin, was dressed in golden yellow dragon robes at the very front. As it was already late autumn, there was a trace of icy coldness in the wind that made his body tremble. Imperial Uncle has taught me that an emperor must maintain their deportment regardless of whatever hardship he undergoes; no matter how much the wind blows or how heavily it rains, I must stand straight up.


At the thought of this, Situ Lin ignored the frigid air and straightened his little body, looking forward with a solemn expression.

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