A dark night soon fell, with the moon hiding its radiance behind the clouds. There was no evening breeze, and even the commoners turned in earlier than usual as the city was engulfed in silence. Minutes turned into hours, and soon enough, the sun rose again. By the time noon rolled around, Pei Qianhao’s entourage was ready to make the voyage back to Beimin.


The horse carriage that had been lent to Pei Qianhao to use while he was in Nanzhao had already been returned to the Prince Yun Residence. Although Yun Ruofeng had been the one to greet Pei Qianhao when he had arrived in Nanzhao, it was Ning Lianchen who was currently sending them off.


Ning Lianchen was dressed in casual robes with a few imperial guards by his side. Afraid of rousing Pei Qianhao's suspicions, Ning Lianchen's gaze only stayed on Su Xi-er briefly before turning back to him. "Prince Hao, this Emperor will accompany you to the outskirts of the capital."


"Your Majesty is truly gracious," Pei Qianhao replied calmly before he nodded at Su Xi-er. "Board the carriage first."


Su Xi-er replied with a soft affirmative before getting onto the horse carriage with a few bundles in hand.mShe then leaned against the curtains and listened carefully to the conversation between Ning Lianchen and Pei Qianhao.


"Prince Hao, this Emperor will personally visit Beimin once the situation in Nanzhao has stabilised. I will be sure to send a group of flower growers and skilled craftsmen as well.”


In his typical aloof and icy tone, Pei Qianhao replied, "Beimin's doors are naturally open for Your Majesty if you wish to visit. It's getting late, and this Prince shall not stand on ceremony with Your Majesty. Since Your Majesty wants to send us to the suburbs, this Prince will thank you in advance."


Pei Qianhao then turned and boarded the horse carriage, prompting Su Xi-er to rapidly move to the corner of the seat.


As the horse carriages progressed towards the capital’s gates, Ning Lianchen was fixated on  the carriage that Su Xi-er was in. After bidding Imperial Elder Sister goodbye again, I wonder how long it will be until we meet again.


Commoners lined both sides of the streets to send the entourage off. All of them knew that Prince Hao was seated in the horse carriage at the front, and the Emperor in the horse carriage at the back.


A woman dressed in purple hid amongst the crowd, her eyes trailing after the horse carriage ーMei Jinxiu. After leaving Cyan Wind Pavillion, she had returned to the Mei Family and been greeted by the sight of an unfamiliar man sitting on the highest seat in the main hall, disdain painting his expression. The Mei Family elders had stripped her of all her power and authority while she was away.


She had been banished from the Mei Family, left with nothing but a few silvers. The local authorities claimed that it was a family affair, and refused to intervene. Mei Jinxiu could do little but swallow the injustice in her heart and walk around in a daze, completely lost as to what she would do next. She had nowhere to go, and she didn’t have the resources to think of a plan for revenge either.


Suddenly, Mei Jinxiu noticed a young man with a wine pot around his waist in the crowd. The young man then walked forward swiftly, his gaze not leaving the horse carriage at the front of the entourage.


Yesterday, Prince Hao had sent a subordinate to the Literary Association to inform Yu Xiao that they would be departing for Beimin this afternoon. Yu Xiao had been researching a herb when the message had arrived, and had only packed up to leave once he finished. Fortunately, I am on time. Yu Xiao chased after them.


When they arrived at the suburbs, Yu Xiao had already caught up, but was unaware that Mei Jinxiu had tailed him.

The latter hid behind a thick tree trunk as she stared ahead, her hands involuntarily clenching into fists. I no longer have anywhere to go in Nanzhao, nor do I have any faith left in the Mei Family after the elders betrayed me. They always opposed everything I tried to do anyways, so why don’t I just go to Beimin?

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