Ning Lianchen nodded, his eyes meeting with a young girl’s on the side of the palace path before he quickly averted his gaze. "Bring her to the palace hall on the west side. Order the palace maids to serve her. Make sure that they don’t treat her poorly."


"This subordinate obeys the order." The guard bowed again before returning to where Fang Lingdang stood. "Come, follow me to your place of residence. His Majesty is kind towards you. From now on, you are considered a master in this imperial palace."


Fang Lingdang froze as that pair of eyes flashed across her mind. His eyes are solemn and without warmth, but noticeably different. It’s the first time that someone has looked at me without disdain. With how distinctive his features are, there’s no way I would forget him. Although it was just a glance, it left a deep impression on Fang Lingdang.


"Let's go, stop zoning out." The guard’s voice pulled Fang Lingdang out of her thoughts, prompting her to mutter an affirmative before following along.


Before Fang Lingdang left, she turned and looked into the Imperial Garden to see Ning Lianchen holding up a girl's hand and coaxing her. That girl is more petite than me, and seems to be younger as well.


In the Imperial Garden, Liu Yinyin flung away Ning Lianchen's hand. "I can go back by myself. I don’t need your crocodile tears." She began to walk forward, but suddenly paused and looked around. How to I go back to my repose palace?


Seeing Liu Yinyin suddenly lost, Ning Lianchen couldn’t help but chuckle, thinking that she looked adorable.


Liu Yinyin turned back and glared at him. "What are you laughing at! I just momentarily forgot which way to go!"


"This Emperor shall bring you back. Your repose palace is not far from this Emperor's, as it will be more convenient for me to visit next time.” Ning Lianchen walked ahead of her as he spoke.


Liu Yinyin pursed her lips and followed along, but took care to keep a distance between them. My parents died for the nation, but Nanzhao is currently at peace. Why did my parents need to die?


Liu Yinyin didn't understand, but knew that she had to grow up before she would be able to do so. I must take my revenge once I am older!


Furthermore, what does he mean that he’ll wait until I’m older before finding a husband for me? No way! I’ve read a lot of books since Daddy taught me how to, but the one that I’ve never read is ‘Lessons for Women’.[1]  I read one page of all those rules and threw it away.


It's filled with preposterous arguments; how dare they call it a holy classic!


Liu Yinyin was so preoccupied with her thoughts that she didn't even realise that they had reached her repose palace until Ning Lianchen called out, "Yinyin, we're here."


Upon seeing Ning Lianchen, the palace maid in the repose palace was shocked and immediately came forward. "Your Majesty, this servant deserves death."


Ning Lianchen ordered in a grave voice, "Watch Miss Yinyin, don't let her run amok."


"This servant obeys the order. Gratitude to Your Majesty for pardoning this servant." The palace maid felt a sense of relief. She lifted her head and told Liu Yinyin, "Young Miss, you scared this servant out of my wits by disappearing like that."


Liu Yinyin looked at Ning Lianchen and snorted. "I won't let my parents die in vain. You think that I’m too young to know, but when I come of age, tell me who harmed my parents."


"Alright," Ning Lianchen answered gently.


With Ning Lianchen's promise, Liu Yinyin entered her repose palace. The palace maid bowed to Ning Lianchen once more before she turned and followed along.

Ning Lianchen turned around. Liu Yinyin is only 10 years old, but is already giving me a headache. It’s the same as when I was a child, and Emperor Father and Empress Mother died one after another. I was very young, and Imperial Elder Sister had to spend a lot of time to continuously coax me in order to keep me happy. 

1. There are a few ways the title of this book have been translated, but it is a well-known book that you probably have come across in ancient Chinese novels. It’s basically a book that teaches how women should behave. Here’s a Wikipedia page for more information.

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