Liu Yinyin took a step back, her crisp voice filled with disbelief as she pointed at Ning Lianchen. "I don't believe you; you’re a liar who has deceived me from the start! Now, you’re even saying that Daddy is gone! Daddy was sent to a rural county, how could he..."


How could he have passed away? Liu Yinyin was agitated. Ignoring the circumstances, she turned and ran on the palace path, without caring about where it led. I don't want to see His Majesty. He’s the one who took Daddy away, and now Daddy is missing!


Ning Lianchen watched as Liu Yinyin ran off. Grand Tutor Liu had entrusted Liu Yinyin to him before his death. Feeling guilty towards the Liu Family, Ning Lianchen felt obligated to take extremely good care of their daughter. 


With Ning Lianchen’s physical advantages, it only took him a few moments to catch up with Liu Yinyin. He reached out and pulled her small figure into his embrace, her head barely reaching his waist.


She didn't manage to control her pace and banged into Ning Lianchen, hurting her nose on his hip bone.


Before Liu Yinyin could do anything, a large hand gently rubbed her nose as she heard a sigh from above her. "Yinyin, be a good girl. Your parents died because of Nanzhao, but this Emperor will not let their deaths be in vain. The stakes are too high for someone as young as you to understand, but Grand Tutor Liu has entrusted you to me. As such, this Emperor will definitely take good care of you until you come of age and find you a good husband."


Liu Yinyin scanned the surroundings. This imperial palace is so large, and it’s surrounded by these high and cold walls. Daddy and Mommy are gone, and the Liu Residence along with them. I’m the only one left… even Fairy Elder Sister has disappeared.


At this thought, Liu Yinyin started crying. Even a grown adult would be overwhelmed by such drastic upheaval, much less a 10-year-old girl. And of course, the cause of all this was right in front of her. Liu Yinyin couldn’t help but clench her fists and swing them at Ning Lianchen as she started to throw a tantrum.


Her feeble fists were like raindrops on Ning Lianchen's body. Yet, he didn't stop her. I'm the one who owes the Liu Family; Liu Yinyin is free to hit me as she likes.


"You are a baddie!" Too tired to continue swinging her arms, Liu Yinyin could only start to yell at him instead.


Occasionally, palace maids would walk past and freeze at the sight before them. His Majesty is not the same as before! He already holds significant imperial power, but this little girl actually dares to hit him!


Ning Lianchen turned and shot them an icy glance, prompting the maids to lower their heads and walk away.


Exhausted from the hitting and scolding, Liu Yinyin kept quiet and got out of Ning Lianchen's embrace. She stared at the flower bed in a daze, her eyes were dull and nonchalant, no longer having the liveliness from before. Ning Lianchen felt a boulder on his heart as he watched Liu Yinyin's stupefied look.


At the same time, an imperial guard was leading a girl just a little taller than Liu Yinyin to the outer boundaries of the Imperial Garden. The girl was wearing a yellow dress made of cloth that was of slightly higher quality than what was used for commoners’ clothes. Still, it was a bit inferior to the dress that Liu Yinyin wore.


"Wait here, I will report to His Majesty."


The girl nodded without a word, her eyes filled with caution. She didn't understand why this guard had suddenly barged into her house, wanting to bring her into the imperial palace. She was really afraid of the imperial palace, but her mother was elated to hear of it, and even told her about many unfathomable things in secret.


She only knew that her mother had followed her father without being given any status. Even though she was looked down upon by the villagers, she had seen their eyes containing traces of envy when the guard had come to bring her away. She even saw a tinge of pride in her mother’s eyes.


The imperial guard walked to Ning Lianchen's side before bowing. "Your Majesty, Miss Fang…"

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