Qin Ling was passing by, leading a group of troops towards the city gates of the capital. When Su Xi-er noticed them, she immediately walked to the window.


The procession was very long, comprising of what seemed like a few hundred to a thousand soldiers. The commoners halted in their paths, unsure of what was going on for there to be such a large number of soldiers passing by.


Su Xi-er didn’t know about the command Ning Lianchen had issued, but this scene was enough for her to know that Qin Ling had been transferred away from the capital. As to exactly where he had been sent, she didn’t know.


At this moment, a streak of coldness flashed past Pei Qianhao’s eyes. “Wei Mohai has died, and his other capable subordinate has been transferred away from the capital. Prince Yun is also placed under house arrest with nobody to assist him.” He chuckled and closed the window, preventing Su Xi-er from observing further.


Knock knock. “Patrons, the dishes and wine are here.”


“Come in.” Pei Qianhao responded in a low voice before settling himself back on the chair.


Creak. The door was opened, and an assortment of dishes was brought in. There was even a full-roasted lamb as the main course!


Su Xi-er had heard of this dish before, but had never tried it due to finding it too cruel.


The lamb’s skin is peeled off, and they are robbed of their right to live before they even grow up, all for the sake of the powerful and influential people who like to eat this.


“Patrons, please enjoy.” The manager was full of smiles as the assistants respectfully served all the dishes before bowing and retreating, leaving only Pei Qianhao and Su Xi-er in the room.


Pei Qianhao pointed at the chair opposite him. “Sit.” He then poured himself wine. Unlike before where he downed in all at one go, he slowly sipped and appreciated it this time.


The fruity flavour is faint. It pairs well with wine, trickling down the throat without any burning. It even carries some sweetness with it.


Su Xi-er sat down and reminded him, “Although fruit wine is sweet and nice to drink, you should drink less since you will still feel the effects of the alcohol if you have too much. ”


Pei Qianhao glanced at her. “You can just drink one cup. This Prince won’t be drunk even after a thousand cups.” He then began to cut the mutton with a small knife.


Roasting a whole lamb is one of the best ways to discern the ability of the chef. If his culinary skills are decent, it would mean that the master behind Cyan Wind Pavilion is not someone to be reckoned with.


Pei Qianhao ate a few pieces of mutton, finding it to not be greasy at all. It looks like Cyan Wind Pavilion’s master has an impressive background to be able to obtain a skilled chef from Beimin.


Pei Qianhao cut a few more pieces of mutton and placed them in the bowl in front of Su Xi-er. “This is a famous dish in Beimin. Try it.”

“Prince Hao, this servant doesn’t like mutton.” Su Xi-er rejected and used her chopsticks to pick up another dish. The colour of the vegetables is bright, and the taste is refreshing. To have both the appearance and taste done so well is not bad at all.

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