“Even if you want to become a concubine, Prince Hao still needs to be willing to accept you.” Su Xi-er’s expression became serious as she took a few steps forwards and stopped in front of Mei Jinxiu. “From what I see, your Mei Family’s ancestral teachings can be abolished.”


Mei Jinxiu shook her head repeatedly. “That won’t do. All generations must abide by our ancestral teachings. I beg of you, I’m fine with just being a concubine.”


“Don’t you understand the meaning of ‘get out’?” Pei Qianhao’s voice was cold and harsh, his gaze only staying on Mei Jinxiu for an instant before moving to Su Xi-er.


Su Xi-er immediately made a gesture at Mei Jinxiu. “Miss Mei, please leave.”


Mei Jinxiu was unwilling to leave and continued kneeling. Her originally heroic and valiant demeanour had become pitiful. “Prince Hao, it would do even if you simply spread some false news. I just need the status of a concubine.”


“Get out.” Pei Qianhao’s brow was slightly furrowed. I shouldn’t have agreed to Su Xi-er’s request to let Mei Jinxiu in.


“Prince Hao, I can see that you favour your maidservant greatly, and I won’t dare to try to come between you. All I need is the status of a concubine, lest the Mei Family elders remove me from the position of head of the family. I can’t watch as they support a man who isn’t related to the Mei Family by blood to take over. Please, I beg you to make an exception and give me some leeway.” Not wanting to see the Mei Family being snatched away from her, Mei Jinxiu was currently willing to do anything.


Su Xi-er looked at her as she went on kowtowing. For the sake of protecting the Mei Family, such an arrogant person has become so obsequious. Fate really is cruel. It’s likely that the Mei Family elders have already come to a decision, and are only looking for an excuse to get rid of Mei Jinxiu.


“Miss Mei, even if Prince Hao takes you in, you won’t be able to return to the Mei Family and remain as the household head. You should understand that the root cause of the problem is your Mei Family itself; what use is there for you to come and beg Prince Hao?” Su Xi-er’s tone became gentler.


Pei Qianhao looked at her. Mei Jinxiu said that I like Su Xi-er just now, yet she didn’t have any reaction after hearing that.


“This…” Mei Jinxiu was taken aback, her mouth agape in incredulity. “The elders are already 60 to 70 years old, and they watched me grow up. How is it possible for them to betray me?”


“Miss Mei, sometimes things can’t be seen with just your eyes. You should hurry and leave.” Su Xi-er then stood up and opened the door.


Mei Jinxiu’s expression was frozen. She couldn’t believe that the Mei Family elders would do something like that. They’re just blaming me for not following the ancestral teachings. She pursed her lips as she looked at Pei Qianhao. “Prince Hao, I just need a status, and I’m fine with being a concubine. Is that too much to ask for?”


Pei Qianhao’s gaze landed on Su Xi-er as he replied, “How could this Prince take you in if you aren’t even to my maidservant’s liking?”


To put it bluntly, he was simply telling her “Su Xi-er doesn’t like you, and that goes twice for this Prince.”


Mei Jinxiu’s complexion turned pale as she stared at Su Xi-er. She could only slowly stand and bow, a trace of envy in her eyes. “I understand now. It’s just that with my body already seen by you, I won’t be marrying anyone else in this lifetime.”


She then walked out of the room door. I have to go back and investigate meticulously if the elders really betrayed me.


Inside the room, Su Xi-er laughed. “Prince Hao, Miss Mei is going to remain unmarried for all her life because of you.”


Pei Qianhao lightly tapped his finger on the table. “These words sound a little sour.”

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