Pei Qianhao’s eyes stared at Feng Changqing, but happened to catch sight of Su Xi-er who was approaching from behind. Because of what had happened just now, her face was flushed. This appearance of her must never be seen in front of others. It’s only allowed for my eyes!


He looked at Su Xi-er with a trace of displeasure. “You were just instructed to pack your luggage, so what are you doing here?”


“This servant finds these few flower growers to be fairly good, so I am curious as to who will be Prince Hao’s final choice.” Su Xi-er slowly asked while looking at him with her rosy face.


Feng Changqing found it strange. Her face wasn’t so red before this, so what caused the extreme change?


Pei Qianhao shifted himself to the side slightly to block Su Xi-er from their line of sight before speaking. “This Prince is choosing the man with the veil. Quickly go back and pack.”


He finally selected Feng Changqing. Su Xi-er heaved a sigh of relief in her heart. “This servant will go back now.”


Pei Qianhao watched her departing figure as she walked away. She was calling me shameless in the room, but now she acts all docile and coquettish. Could it be that the flower grower I chose is also who she had in mind?


Pei Qianhao turned his gaze towards Feng Changqing’s veil. His face is full of scars, and his voice is hoarse. I would be worried if his appearance was dashing like Yun Ruofeng’s or Ning Lianchen’s.


Back in the room, Su Xi-er quickly folded her clothes and stacked them tidily in her cloth bundle. Opening the drawer, she found a bunch of brown bottles, reminding her of what had just transpired between Pei Qianhao and herself.


Su Xi-er felt a squeeze in her heart and took all of those brown bottles out, placing them into a cloth bundle.


She lifted her sleeves and checked the injury on her arm. It hasn’t been very long, but the scar on my arm has already faded a bit thanks to the Lingrui powder. No matter what misgivings I have about how it was applied, I cannot deny that the powder was very effective. Perhaps it can have the same effect on the scars on Feng Changqing’s face?


This possibility flashed across her mind, giving Su Xi-er a new idea.


Once everything was packed up, she placed all the cloth bundles on the cupboard to be taken back when they set off tomorrow noon. 


Su Xi-er walked out of the room, chancing upon two imperial guards discussing Prince Yun right after she stepped out.


“Prince Yun has overexerted himself and is feeling unwell, resulting in him needing to rest for a period of time. Nanzhao’s Emperor has already taken advantage of the opportunity to dispatch guards from the imperial palace to watch him. Tsk tsk, the 16-year-old Emperor is already starting to compete for power.”


“Who would be willing to see the imperial power land in someone else’s hands? In fact, Nanzhao’s political climate is similar to Beimin’s. The only difference is that our emperor is still a child.”


Another imperial guard firmly declared, “Prince Hao is powerful and influential, but he isn’t someone to get hung up about such things. When His Majesty comes of age, he will definitely return the power to him.”


“That’s right, Prince Hao is always considerate and understanding towards his subordinates, even if he always wears a stern expression. Despite that, everyone else only sees Prince Hao as a cold and callous person. I can only bite my tongue, but such comments truly infuriate me.”


Despite chatting fervently, the two of them immediately stopped when they saw Su Xi-er. Su Xi-er is usually by Prince Hao’s side. Doesn’t this mean that Prince Hao is here as well?


Su Xi-er could tell that the two of them were nervous and involuntarily smiled. “Don’t worry, Prince Hao is in the flower pergola in the backyard.”


Just as the two imperial guards heaved a sigh of relief, the sound of footsteps came from behind them. They turned around to find that Pei Qianhao was headed in their direction!


No longer daring to be careless, the two immediately bowed. “This subordinate pays my respects to Prince Hao.”


Pei Qianhao waved his hand and looked at Su Xi-er. “Has everything been packed?”


“Mmm, I have placed them in a few cloth bundles. We can just put them in the horse carriage tomorrow.”


“Let’s go. Take a walk with this Prince outside.” Pei Qianhao’s voice was cold, and he immediately headed towards the entrance of the posthouse without another word.

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