Pei Qianhao’s patted Su Xi-er’s forehead. “Open your eyes and look at this Prince.”


I’m just applying the powder to test its efficacy; does she have to look like I’m torturing her? Pei Qianhao was displeased.


Su Xi-er shook her head. “Prince Hao, quickly finish applying the powder so that this servant can put my clothes back on.”


Pei Qianhao deliberately retracted his hand and stood up, silently watching her. Not hearing any movements, Su Xi-er slowly turned her head to discover his amused expression.


Looking at the small bottle in his hand, she reminded, “If you’re not going to apply anymore, this servant will be putting my clothes back on.”


“Keep your eyes open.” Pei Qianhao put a hand on her waist before flipping her over so that she was facing up.


With her whole body entirely exposed, Su Xi-er closed her eyes once more. Pei Qianhao ignored it as he reached out a hand to apply some of the powder on the scar on her arm. He then paused as his hand reached the softest part of a woman.


The sensation of the flower powder and his gentle massaging caused Su Xi-er’s body to shiver. She couldn’t help but ask, “Prince Hao, you’re still not done yet? Why are you taking so long?”


A glint appeared in Pei Qianhao’s eyes. I shall teach her a lesson today. 


Even though he had already finished, he purposely denied it. “Not yet, there’s still a bit more. If you don’t want to open your eyes, make sure they remain tightly shut.”


Su Xi-er honestly believed that he was going to be done soon and shut her eyes. However, her body jerked as the next sensation that came wasn’t that of the powder on her body, but a wet feeling on the softest part of her body. Her eyes shot open, only to find Pei Qianhao with his head lowered, his lips near a place they shouldn’t be.


Without any hesitation, Su Xi-er lifted her leg and swung it at Pei Qianhao. His only reaction was to raise his hand and catch it before the force from his lips became even more intense, causing Su Xi-er to tremble slightly.


At last, Pei Qianhao raised his head and laughed devilishly. “The power we made from grinding the Lingrui flowers is really not bad. With one bottle used up, your body now smells rather fragrant.”


“Prince Hao, you’re shameless!” Su Xi-er chided coldly, trying her best to kick him.


Pei Qianhao got up and placed the bottle on the table. “This Prince will be at the flower pergola. Pack your luggage.” He left her with these few words before stepping out of the room.


Su Xi-er immediately began to put on her clothes, knitting her brows when she saw the moist red area on her body. No man has ever done something like this to me before, yet Pei Qianhao did so without warning. He even seemed very familiar with his actions. It seems like he really understands women’s bodies.


Once she had finished putting on her clothes and the jade green dangling hair ornament, Su Xi-er left for the pergola.  I’ll pack later. I need to know if Feng Changqing has been selected.


When Su Xi-er reached the pergola, it just so happened that it was Feng Changqing’s turn to be judged. “Prince Hao, this pot of Lingrui flowers did not wilt because of natural causes, but because of man-made damage.” His hoarse voice was a surprise to the other four flower growers.


In fact, everyone had wanted to say such a thing. However, doing so would have implied that Prince Hao had deliberately damaged the Lingrui flowers!


There was a probing look in Pei Qianhao’s eyes as he pointed at the flower pot. “Tell me specifically, why are you sure that this was a result of sabotage?”


“Nanzhao’s soil is categorised into three types ー red, yellow, and black. The soil used for cultivating Lingrui is a mixture of red and black, and it definitely wouldn’t survive if placed in yellow soil. Yet, even though this pot of Lingrui flowers appears to have reddish-black soil on the surface, the bottom is full of yellow soil. It is obvious that someone has added it there.”

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Rakumon's Corner: 

There was a probing look in Pei Qianhao’s eyes as he pointed at the flower pot. “Tell me specifically, why are you sure that this was a result of sabotage?”

Coz it makes sense that Prince Hao sabotaged it to test them? XD