"This Emperor just informed Prince Yun while we were in the room together. He has agreed that in order to better assist this Emperor in the future, he will first recuperate for a period of time. Prince Yun is already asleep; do you still want to enter the room to reconfirm this?" Ning Lianchen voice was low and wore a solemn expression, displaying the disposition of a mighty monarch.


Qin Ling stared at the doors to the main room, not sensing any movement within. Did Prince Yun really agree to this? Once I acknowledge this order, in the capital, Prince Yun… 


"Commander Qin, why are you still not acknowledging the order?"  Ning Lianchen took out the military tally from his sleeves to pressure Qin Ling.


Upon seeing the tally, Qin Ling immediately bowed and replied in a solemn and respectful voice, "This subordinate obeys the order." Qin Ling then headed out of the Prince Yun Residence, preparing to set off for the borders today.


Ning Lianchen stowed away the military tally and couldn't help but be impressed with Pei Qianhao. Without considering anything else, Pei Qianhao is talented in understanding human nature and devising strategies. I had initially planned on taking his advice and transferring Qin Ling out of the capital after a few days, but Yun Ruofeng’s sudden illness has given me an opportunity to expedite those plans.


But Ning Lianchen found it strange. Pei Qianhao has never spoken to Qin Ling, but he still somehow understands the latter’s character. He even went as far as to tell me,  "Qin Ling is bounded by rules and regulations. If he doesn't concede, pressure him with the military tally. Once he reaches the borders, this Prince will not give him the chance to return to Nanzhao."


As long as Qin Ling doesn't return to Nanzhao, Yun Ruofeng will have no trustworthy subordinate to carry out his orders.


Just then, Imperial Physician Fang walked past with a bowl of medicine meant for Yun Ruofeng. Upon seeing Ning Lianchen, he immediately greeted, "This humble official pays his respects to Your Majesty."


Ning Lianchen looked at Imperial Physician Fang and started to use the other trick Pei Qianhao had taught him. "Imperial Physician Fang, this Emperor heard that you have an illegitimate daughter outside."


Imperial Physician Fang was struck by terror when he heard this. How does His Majesty know about my illegitimate daughter? It's all my fault for getting drunk and doing the deed with a woman. She gave birth to a daughter, and remained unmarried, deciding to follow me despite not being granted any proper status. Nevertheless, I have been treating the two of them well. My daughter is clever, sensible, and considerate; a treasure that I hold close to my heart.


I thought that I had successfully covered my tracks, but His Majesty actually found out!


Ning Lianchen suddenly walked close to him and whispered, "Your illegitimate daughter is older than Grand Tutor Liu's daughter by two years. Grand Tutor Liu's daughter is lonely in the palace and lacking a playmate. This Emperor will issue an edict to summon her into the imperial palace to accompany Grand Tutor Liu's daughter."


Imperial Physician Fang had a reluctant expression. To think that His Majesty is as ruthless as to use my daughter to control me!


"If Your Majesty needs this humble official to do something, please state it clearly. This humble official will surely carry out your orders." How could Imperial Physician Fang not understand the meaning behind Ning Lianchen's words?


"It's very simple. This Emperor wants you to do something to Prince Yun's medicine in order to render him weak and without strength so that he can’t attend the court assembly, but it must not harm his life. 


Imperial Physician Fang understood immediately. "This humble official can do this as long as it does not harm any lives. However, drinking such medicine for a long period of time will cause Prince Yun to become crippled and unable to walk for the rest of his life."


"Decrease the dosage for the time being." A subtle glint flashed across Ning Lianchen's eyes. It all depends on Yun Ruofeng. If he still harbours ill intentions, then he shall spend the rest of his life on a chair.


"This humble official acknowledges the order. I only wish for my daughter to be well."


"Don't worry, as long as you do your job well, this Emperor won't do anything to your daughter."


Imperial Physician Fang felt relieved. He bowed to Ning Lianchen before turning and heading towards the main room.


Ning Lianchen stared into the distance as his brows relaxed. Imperial Elder Sister, I will govern Nanzhao well. I will develop it to be strong and powerful before going to find you in Beimin. As for Prince Hao, you can trust him, but not fully. You will soon be heading to Beimin, and I can no longer remain by your side.

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