Yun Ruofeng was momentarily stunned before slowly stating, "As long as her soul is Ning Rulan’s, she belongs to this Prince." He then looked at Ning Lianchen. "When is Prince Hao returning to Beimin?"


"Tomorrow." This one simple word was a huge blow to Yun Ruofeng's heart.


They are leaving tomorrow - so soon. Yun Ruofeng used both hands to push himself into a sitting position; before he could do so, however, Ning Lianchen had already raised a hand and pushed him back down. The former was already completely out of strength.


"Prince Yun, Imperial Physician Fang has said that you have been overworked, and that your body is currently very weak. You should remain at your residence and recuperate first. Although this nation is important, if you can’t take care of yourself, how do you plan on assisting this Emperor?" Ning Lianchen spoke in a light tone, but what he said next greatly startled Yun Ruofeng.


"In the interest of your health, this Emperor will allow you to convalesce in your residence for the next few months and not attend the court assemblies, Prince Yun. If this Emperor has any doubts over court matters, I will personally come to the Prince Yun Residence to consult you."


"No, this Prince will recover by today," Yun Ruofeng blurted out without thinking. With how much power Pei Qianhao wields, I will have to use my wits in addition to force to take Ning Rulan back. I am nothing without power; how can I compare to Pei Qianhao then?


"Prince Yun, you might not even recover in a month, to say nothing of today. To be consumed with worries is a psychological illness; if not treated properly, you may even die immediately. It goes without saying that you hold a significant place in the hearts of the people. If you were to pass away all of a sudden, Nanzhao will definitely be thrown into chaos." Ning Lianchen was stating the facts. Yun Ruofeng must remain alive. I can take away his power, but he mustn’t die.


"This Emperor will have some imperial guards to stand guard in the Prince Yun Residence and watch over you. If your condition deteriorates, this Emperor will know about it immediately. Only with this can this Emperor's heart be at ease." Ning Lianchen pushed Yun Ruofeng back onto the bed again before slowly speaking his next words. "Prince Yun, don’t concern yourself with other things and have a good rest. You may attend the court assembly again when you regain your health. There is no need to discuss this matter; this Emperor has already decided."


Having said that, Ning Lianchen exited the room, ignoring Yun Ruofeng's dumbstruck expression. 


Closing the doors, Ning Lianchen took a few steps into the middle of the courtyard and swiftly ordered his subordinate to send a troop of imperial guards into the Prince Yun Residence. 


Qin Ling, who stood by the side, was alarmed when he heard the order. His Majesty has sent his own people into the Prince Yun Residence while Prince Yun is in ill health. That's as good as putting Prince Yun under house arrest!


At this moment, Ning Lianchen's gaze fell on Qin Ling. "This Emperor is doing this for Prince Yun's own good. If he feels the slightest bit unwell, it’d be this Emperor’s fault for not taking good care of him." Ning Lianchen's gaze then turned icy as he put on the disposition of an emperor. "Commander Qin, take your orders."


Even though Qin Lin was a subordinate of Yun Ruofeng, Ning Lianchen had control over half of the military now. Qin Lin held the rules in high regard; he believed in the importance of respecting his master, as well as the monarch. Hence, he immediately went down on one knee.


"There was a court memorial yesterday that bandits were spotted at the borders between Nanzhao and Beimin, a matter that has caused much unrest. This Emperor orders you to bring 1000 soldiers and head to the border. Once the situation at the border has been settled and after Prince Yun's has recovered, this Emperor will order for you to return."


A verbal edict had sent Yun Ruofeng's newly appointed right-hand man to the borders, and the border between Nanzhao and Beimin at that.


Qin Ling hesitated briefly before he lifted his head and asked, "Your Majesty, has Prince Yun agreed to this?"

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