One of the imperial guards in the posthouse saw Ning Lianchen talking to Su Xi-er and immediately felt his heart rate go up; he hastily made his way over before reminding, “Your Majesty, please follow this subordinate. Prince Hao is waiting for you in the stone pavilion at the backyard of the posthouse.”


Ning Lianchen nodded. “This Emperor will go now.” He then looked at Su Xi-er. “Miss Xi-er, when did Prince Hao say that he would return to Beimin?”


“We will return around noon tomorrow.” She knew that Lianchen couldn’t bear to see them leave.


“Returning to Beimin so soon.” Ning Lianchen’s tone had a trace of reluctance, but he quickly composed himself. He smiled at Su Xi-er. “Miss Xi-er, if Nanzhao hasn’t welcomed you properly this time, please don’t take it to heart.”


Su Xi-er nodded. “Of course not. I was able to enjoy a visit to Cyan Wind Pavilion, and their tea and desserts don’t lose out to Fortune Apricot House at all.”


Ning Lianchen understood the message in her words. Imperial Elder Sister is telling me that I can trust Cyan Wind Pavilion. That is her territory.


“Miss Xi-er, this Emperor is ashamed that you were able to visit it before me.” Ning Lianchen smiled and spoke politely.


The imperial guard from the Prince Hao Residence urged him again. “Your Majesty, Prince Hao is waiting for you in the rock pavilion at the backyard of the posthouse. Please follow this subordinate.”


Ning Lianchen knew that he couldn’t continue to talk to his Imperial Elder Sister, so he nodded and smiled at Su Xi-er before following the guard.


Su Xi-er watched Ning Lianchen’s back as he gradually disappeared. Lianchen, your Imperial Elder Sister will be returning to Beimin tomorrow. I won’t be in Nanzhao, but I will help to look out for you in Beimin. After all, Yun Ruofeng hasn’t given up yet. Even though he has been continuously losing power, it will take more than one day and night to get rid of him. Once he recovers, he will certainly rise again.


“Su Xi-er.” The voice of a woman dragged Su Xi-er’s thoughts back. She turned her head and saw the female cook from the posthouse. She walked up and called, “Auntie.”


The female cook handled a bundle in her hands to Su Xi-er. “This is from the jujube tree next to my house. I heard that you are leaving tomorrow, and we probably won’t see each other in the future. The dates are still unripe, and I haven’t had time to turn them into candied dates yet; however, I made sure to select the biggest and sweetest ones.”


The female cook’s face was full of smiles as she handed the bundle to Su Xi-er. Similarly, Su Xi-er smiled as she accepted it. “Many thanks, Auntie.”


“You can eat the jujubes on the way back tomorrow if you get hungry or thirsty.” The female cook gave a genuine smile, her face full of reluctance to let Su Xi-er go.


“Auntie, all good things come to an end, and the time for goodbye will always come,” Su Xi-er comforted her.


The female cook nodded. “Yes you’re right, people come and go.”


Suddenly, many people began to pour through the main doors of the posthouse. There were men and women, both young and old.


When the female cook saw them, she explained, “These people are flower growers from Moon County. Prince Hao wants to improve the floriculture of Beimin, and has requested to find an experienced one that he can bring with him.”


Su Xi-er looked into the crowd, but didn’t spot Feng Changqing.


“Everyone, head to the front yard. Prince Hao will ask some questions and then pick one person to follow him back to Beimin. Not only will that person receive a lot of silvers each month, their whole family will also be able to accompany them to Beimin.


All of the flower growers’ eyes lit up. Our whole family can unconditionally move to Beimin, and we will receive a great salary each month. What attractive benefits! Although Nanzhao is great, Beimin is still better in every aspect. Beimin is the strongest nation, and Prince Hao lives in the capital. It will be flourishing!


All the flower growers were soon standing in the front courtyard. The imperial guard from the Prince Hao Residence saw Su Xi-er among them and immediately ran up with a smile on his face. “Su Xi-er, Prince Hao will pick a flower grower today and take them to Beimin. You should go back to your room to pack and prepare for tomorrow’s journey.”

Su Xi-er didn’t see Feng Changqing, so she chose to reply, “There’s still plenty of time to pack; I’ll do so later.” How can I leave at this crucial moment when he is going to select the flower grower?

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