“How gutsy,” Pei Qianhao remarked slowly and softly. He didn’t let go of her chin, and even started to pinch her waist harder.


“Prince Hao, you can’t do it, nor will you dare to do it. Even excluding yourself, none of the court officials have official wives who were born as maidservants.”


Su Xi-er’s words had hit the nail on the head. Pei Qianhao was the foster son of the Pei family. Although the court officials followed his orders, they only superficially did so because of his authority. On the inside, the officials still looked down upon him. He is just Lord Pei’s adopted son, and neither of his parents are known. That’s why, to make all the court officials shut up, the woman who becomes Princess Consort Hao must be from a noble background.


The words ‘can’t do it and won’t dare to do it’ had touched Pei Qianhao’s bottom line. In my eyes, there is nothing that I won’t dare to do. It is simply a matter of whether I want to do it.


“Su Xi-er, there is nothing in the world that this Prince won’t dare to do. However, if you want to be Princess Consort Hao, that’s possible. But first, you have to give your body to this Prince. Completely..” His voice was low, being filled with authority. At the same time, the hand around her waist began to move.


Su Xi-er looked into his eyes, her heart suddenly beating violently. If I give myself to him, will he really marry me and make me Princess Consort Hao? I said those words so that I wouldn’t have to go to the Prince Hao Residence, but is he serious? She could only try to guess his intentions from the recesses of his eyes.


“This Prince can see that you are the one who doesn’t dare.” After spending so many days together, Pei Qianhao knew what Su Xi-er’s bottom line was. She wouldn’t dare to joke about her chastity.


“Prince Hao, this servant doesn’t dare. After all, the imperial palace requires all palace maids to be virgins.” She then raised her arms and pushed Pei Qianhao away.


Pei Qianhao didn’t try to resist, and only watched as she stepped back. There has never been any other woman who would continue to reject me so many times, and I have also never been so serious. Everyone in the world says that I love beauties, and that I have countless women by my side. However, I am the only one who knows that I have never touched a woman. As for affairs in the bedroom between men and women, I know what to do, but have never done it before.


There is no woman who has ever interested me. Only Su Xi-er can do so, even causing me to lose my cool at times; however, she pushes me away every time I try to make an advance.


If I had my way, she would be dead by now. That being said, I will definitely not force her; I want her to be willing.


Su Xi-er noticed the fiery heat in his eyes, something that she had failed to see the previous times she had pushed him away, but this time, she could feel her heart palpitating for a moment. She had been truly surprised when he had suggested for her to give her body to him, and to become his official wife.


She knew that if Pei Qianhao said something, he would make it happen.


“Su Xi-er, the more you want to return to the Palace Side Quarters, the more this Prince won’t allow it. As for where you will go and where you will work, listen to this Prince’s orders.” Pei Qianhao then left the hall.


Before he could get far, his voice could be heard again. “What are you doing standing there in a stupor? We will be leaving for Beimin tomorrow at noon. Go and pack your things; wait in the main hall in four hours.” 


After that, he turned on his heels and disappeared from sight.


Su Xi-er left shortly after; she didn’t make it far before she ran into Ning Lianchen.


What is he doing here? Did the imperial guards from the Prince Hao Residence let Lianchen in without reporting?


Ning Lianchen didn’t think that the first person he saw after entering the posthouse would be his Imperial Elder Sister. However, as there were imperial guards around, he had to maintain the deportment of an Emperor. 


He called out, “Miss Xi-er.”


Su Xi-er bowed to pay her respects, but was stopped by Ning Lianchen halfway through. “Miss Xi-er, there is no need to pay respects. This Emperor was invited by Prince Hao to come to the posthouse to discuss important matters.”


So it wasn’t because he took the initiative to come, but because Pei Qianhao had invited him.

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